The AIA is Australia’s leading non-profit organisation providing assistance to its members to make improved investment decisions in all asset classes.

The AIA represents and advocates for a group of self-directed investors who choose to make their own decisions about their investments. Many of our members certainly utilize the skills of professionals such as financial planners, accountants and lawyers to assist them, but they strive to educate themselves to be better informed about key decisions affecting their financial future.

The AIA provides members with a smorgasbord of education, ideas and strategies for investors to consider as they make financial decisions in the context of their own goals, skills, resources and risk profile. The AIA does not hold a licence to provide financial advice and does not endorse or recommend any specific strategy or financial product.

As a community of self-directed investors the AIA provides many opportunities to network with other members, many of whom have considerable experience and success in investing over many years. Our motto is: “Investors helping investors”.

Regardless of your age or your present level of wealth, if you wish to improve your investment skills, the AIA can help you with education and information to make better investment decisions.

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Marcus Padley appointed AIA Ambassador

The AIA board is pleased to announce that Marcus Padley has been appointed AIA Ambassador. Marcus will assist the board and staff to promote the AIA and raise the profile of the Association through his media and financial connections.

Marcus Padley (MAppFin, LLB, MSAA) is the author of the independent Marcus Today stock market newsletter aimed at helping individual investors manage their investments and trades. Marcus has been a regular speaker at the AIA National conference and at state-wide events and is a contributor to the Investors Voice on a regular basis. New Members of the AIA receive a Free trial of Marcus Today newsletter. 

Marcus has a Masters in Applied Finance degree from Macquarie University, a Law degree from Southampton University in England, is a Master Stockbroking member of the SAA and a Prize winner in Applied Portfolio Management.

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Bonus offer for new members

Join the Australian Investors Association and you will receive a one month free trial to the Marcus Today Stockmarket Newsletter valued at $75 and a 15 day free trial to Intelligent Investor and 3 special email reports valued at $267.  Member benefits include a range of publications; access to the members online forum; access to AIA meetings and more.  One year AIA membership is $115 or two year membership is $195 plus a $20 joining fee.

The Sharemarket Course DVD set

This 12 DVD and CD set includes approximately 13 hours of material, a CD with a workbook and activities and costs only $197 if a member of the AIA or $297 for a new member including the first year AIA subscription.  By doing this course you will learn about fundamental and technical analysis; understand and manage risk management; learn methods to control trade entry, trade management and trade exit; record keeping and more.  This is a unique learning tool produced by an independent association for investors








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