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The Association regularly issues media releases concerning investment matters.  These media releases may be publishing the results of member surveys or other investment issues related of individual investors.

The following table gives details of recent AIA media Releases.21


30 November 2016

 Trump Divides,But Investor Optimism Lifts. The impact on global financial markets of Donald Trump becoming the next US President in January is dividing views and sentiment among investors in Australia.

30 September

More Concerns, More Caution. Australian investors have become more cautious in the face of potentially higher US interest rates and a tight contest for the US presidency, while equities have recovered from their lows.

1 August 2016

Less Cash More Equities. A spell has been broken. Some 7.5 years after the Global Financial Crisis cash is moving from the sidelines into Australian equities.

1 June 2016

Share Market Rally Making Investors CautiousAustralian investors do not expect the Australian share market to break-out of its sideways trading pattern anytime soon.

31 March 2016

More Equities, Less Cash & Fixed Income
The general sentiment in March is markedly less negative than in January but average cash levels are still higher than in November last year.

1 February 2016

Investors Raise Cash As Share Market Weakness Hits Sentiment.
This survey suggests investor sentiment short term has deteriorated significantly.

26 November


Investors Less Fearsome, But Caution Still Rules. In this survey Australian Investors have drawn the conclusion the worst is probably over domestic equities, but they remain cautious.

29 September     2015

Investor Mood Hit By Falling Prices, High Volatility. This survey shows a decisive drop in confidence, a growing cautious if not negative view on the outlook for equities plus a rise in cash levels in the average portfolio.

30 July 2015

Fixed Interest, Property Benefit from Share Market Volatility. Australians are reducing their cash holdings. Investors' cash  is flowing into fixed interest products and into property.

29 May 2015

Investor Optimism Deflates. The noticeable spike in investor optimism registered in March has quickly evaporated since.

31 March 2015

Investors More Optimistic, But Cash Remains on the SidelineA shift in RBA policy stance and a stellar performance by Australian equities have significantly boosted Australian investors' optimism over the past two months.

30 January 2015

Australian Investors Lose Their Optimism
The first survey for year shows general optimism regarding the outlook for equities, both in the short term and longer term, has continued to deteriorate into 2015.

28 November 2014

General Disappointment Weighs Down Investors' Enthusiasm
Novembers survey has seen  general disappointment grown among local investors.

3 October 2014

Share Market Weakness Tempers Investors' Enthusiasm
September has delivered share price weakness, but also a rude reality check, so it appears.

1 October 2013

Australian Investors' Optimism Spikes, But Caution Remains
Investors in Australia are feeling significantly more optimistic about prospects and outlook for the local share market.

31 July 2013

Australian Investors Cautious Short-Term, Optimistic Medium-Term
Investors in Australia have grown increasingly cautious towards short-term prospects for local equities.

28 March 2013

Cash Holdings of Australian Investors at a Two-Year Low, Equities Up.
Cash holdings of Australian investors have continued to decline, at the same time equities holdings have increased with the latest results matching the survey high point from march 2011.

6 February 2013

Australian Investors' Cash Holdings Lowest Since H1 2011
While sentiment reads are indicative in nature, the firm fact is that the 20% cash holdings of surveyed investors are now near their lowest levels since the first half year of 2011.

21 May 2012

Investor Confidence has Fallen Suddenly
The distribution of investor sentiment has fallen back sharply to that of September 2011, with pessimism now at a peak of 57% of respondents.

27 January 2012

Low Expectations for the Year Ahead
Investors in Australia remain sceptical about the outlook for equities this year, despite the share market enjoying its best opening month for the new calendar year since 2001 when the All Ords started the new year with a gain of near 5%.

29 November 2011

Cash On The Sidelines No Longer Rising
Finally, some good news for the Australian share market! The Australian Investor Sentiment Survey for November signals investors have, on balance, stopped selling equities and are waiting for an opportune moment to start buying again, though not before volatility has subsided and governments in Europe and the US get a better grip on their financial problems.

30 September 2011

Investors Are All Cashed Up, Waiting On The Sidelines
Investors in Australia have used the uncertainty and extreme volatility in share markets over the past two months to further reduce exposure to higher risk equities in favour of pure plain cash in the bank.

3 September 2011

Associations deserve an unadulterated plug
There are only a few organisations in the sharemarket that the private investor can trust and perhaps unsurprisingly they all seem to be non-profit-making.

9 August 2011

Investors gather to get the ‘good oil’
With share markets experiencing unheralded volatility and investor sentiment at an all time low*, obtaining incisive information is vital to help guide future strategic decision-making. The Australian Investors Association Annual Conference, Wealth Creation Opportunities, being held in Sydney 1-3 September, offers just such insights into global and local economies and latest market trends.

29 July 2011

Investor sentiment at a low and politicians get the blame
The outlook for the Australian share market is bleak and politicians are to blame. This is the verdict put forward by participants in the July 2011 Investor Sentiment Survey conducted by the Australian Investors' Association and FNArena.

27 May 2011

Investors becoming increasingly bearish
Investors in Australia have become increasingly bearish about the prospects for investment returns from Australian equities. As a result, many have used the past two months to reduce their exposure to the Australian share market in favour of fixed interest (bonds) and cash.

31 March 2011

Australian investors concerned about an uncertain market
The Australian Investor Sentiment Survey for March shows a myriad of concerns ranging from high oil prices, ongoing nuclear threat in Japan, sovereign debt problems in Europe, a potential shift in monetary policy in the US, as well as perceived anti-business clime in Canberra.

24 February 2011

Australian Investors say OK to Opt-in on Financial Advice - Australian Investors Ask “Trusted Profession or Product Sales-force?”
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) is in broad agreement with the government’s measures aimed at enabling full transparency on fees for service and banning commissions and volume-based payments, and on requiring clients to ‘opt-in’ each year for ongoing advice and service.

31 January 2011

Investors concerned about a ‘false market’
Investors delivered their own mixed messages in response to a survey of investor sentiment conducted by the Australian Investors Association (AIA). Of the 500 respondents, 31% were bullish about the future, 15% bearish and 54% were neutral.

31 July 2010

The vital first step to staying afloat
Marcus Padley writes about the options available to new investors.

6 May 2010

AIA welcomes changes to SMSFs
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) welcomed the preliminary recommendations on self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) released by Review Chair, Jeremy Cooper.
‘There will be no reduction in control for trustees of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and no increased government control in any form,’ said Jolyon Forsyth, President of the AIA.

20 April 2010

Congratulations on the overhaul of adviser charging
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) congratulated Chris Bowen, Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate law on the reforms to charging by financial advisers.

16 March 2010

Investors call for control over their investments
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) has called on the Cooper Inquiry into Governance, Efficiency, Structure and Operation of Australia’s Superannuation System to ensure that there is no reduction in control for trustees of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and no increased government control in any form.

8 March 2010

Hidden payments to advisers jeopardise retirement income
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) has joined the debate on the cost of superannuation and argued for changes to the remuneration of financial planners. The investment industry has a high cost structure that can’t be explained by genuine costs or overheads.  These costs are a function of remuneration to financial planners and they cost investors dearly in lower returns.

15 February 2010

Submission to the Super System Review – Phase 3
The submission reflects the views of AIA members who responded to a survey in late 2009 and addresses the four main issues in the consultation paper: the trust model; the regulatory framework; the operation and efficiency and investments.

25 November 2009

Investors give Ripoll Report a Pass overall
“We set a very high Pass mark for the Inquiry and while they struggled in parts, we believe that the result was a good effort. From us a Pass overall.” The AIA included ten recommendations in its submission to the Inquiry, looking at what happened in the Storm Financial situation, and working out what changes would be best from the point of view of the investor.

18 November 2009

What the takeover tells us about financial planning
The takeover of AXA by AMP with AMPs 2,000 financial planners swelling to 4,000 tells a compelling story about the business they are in. They’re in the business of selling investment (and insurance) products. Selling not giving advice.

5 November 2009

Investors call for reconstruction of financial services industry
The Australian Investors Association (AIA) has called on the Ripoll Inquiry into Financial Products and Services to stand firm and take on the tough task of reconstructing the financial services industry. The Inquiry is due to report in 3 weeks.

3 September 2009

Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services
Read the testimony (pages 47 to 62) of Jolyon Forsyth, President and Scott McKenzie, Vice President to the Joint Committee headed by Bernie Ripoll, MP.

2 September 2009

Investors push for post-Storm clean-up of financial products, services
The Australian Investors' Association will challenge a Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into a spate of financial service providers, including Storm Financial, to recommend sweeping changes to the regulation of financial products and services.

4 August 2009

Positions Statement: Financial Products & Services
At the recent AIA National Investors Conference (26-29 July 2009) 137 participants responded to the AIA submission into financial products and services to the Inquiry being conducted under Mr Bernie Ripoll as chair. The results of this survey were presented to Mr Bernie Ripoll at the closing session of the conference.

29 July 2009

Investors propose 10-point plan to improve financial products and services
Australia, let alone its investors, cannot afford future collapses. We require strong regulations and standards backed up by vigilant monitoring and enforcement.

16 July 2009

Financial Services and Products Inquiry Chair to address Investors conference
AIA president Jolyon Forsyth said Mr Ripoll’s attendance at the Conference was very important as the issues being considered by the Committee’s Inquiry into Financial Products and Services in Australia were of critical importance to investors.

15 July 2009

Investors welcome call for 12% super guarantee
The Australian Investors’ Association has welcomed incoming Investment and Financial Services Association executive John Brogden’s call for a 12 per cent super guarantee.

24 June 2009

Appointment of Justice Callinan to help Storm-affected bank customers welcomed
The Australian Investors' Association has welcomed the appointment of former High Court Justice Ian Callinan by the Commonwealth Bank to assist customers affected by the collapse of financial service provider, Storm Financial Ltd.

23 June 2009

Park "Ute-gate" and focus on investor issues
Investors want the Federal Parliamentarians to focus on issues affecting investors rather than the almost sole preoccupation with the so-called "Ute-gate" affair.  

17 June 2009

Investors welcome action to scrap financial adviser commissions
The Australian Investors' Association has welcomed the announcement by the organisation representing financial advisers it wants commissions paid to these advisers scrapped.

3 June 2009

Market not “R”-word talk key focus for investors
Investors were not swayed from their focus on the market with speculation whether Australia was in a “technical recession” or not. Australian Investors Association (AIA) president Jolyon Forsyth said investors took more comfort from the local equities market barometer - Standard and Poor’s ASX Top 200 – posting a year-high.

9 May 2009

Investors “very nervous” about Federal Budget
Leaks particularly about foreshadowed changes to superannuation, meant investors would be listening to the Treasurer’s budget speech with more trepidation than previous budgets.

1 May 2009

Tax review should retain dividend imputation
Australian investors overwhelmingly support the retention of dividend franking credits in the tax system, urging the Henry Review to focus on other areas of reform.

30 April 2009

Inquiry into Financial Products and Services
The AIA’s submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services makes a strong case against commissions as a way of paying for financial advice. It strongly highlights the conflict of interest of advisers paid this way giving examples to illustrate this. It further recommends that government support be made available for an ‘early-warning system’ for investors faced with investment offers that are of dubious worth. Overall it makes a case for a much more professional financial adviser.

3 March 2009

Investors expected rate cut, but they favour infrastructure spending
A survey of AIA members has found that spending on infrastructure projects was the most popular strategy needed to guide the economy.

3 March 2009

What Investors Want
A survey of 500 Australian Investors’ Association members has found that investors clearly want:
- Upfront, hourly fees for financial planners
- More regulator action on dodgy products & advice

3 February 2009

Investors expected rate cut, but they favour infrastructure spending
Most Australian investors expected the Reserve Bank to cut official interest rates today, but most favour infrastructure spending to help manage the Australian economy, a survey has found.

30 December 2008

Queensland investors approach 2009 cautiously
Most Queensland investors believe the Australian stock market is undervalued, but few are “bullish” about the performance of their own investment portfolios next year, a survey has found.


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