Have You been stress tested?

(No, not by your children!)

Doom & Gloom?

“Pessimists have been shown to have a much more realistic view of the world. Optimists on the other hand are more successful. “

Getting the “Vibe” about the worlds broad market and sector indexes

Getting the “Vibe” about the worlds broad market and sector indexes

Another Reason to review our managed funds performance

Canstar August 2015

Some useful sites for assessing investment products

1. For Screening

Choice Magazine

Choice Magazine

• Here is another site I found to offer useful strategies in finding a good advisor. This information is accessible out side their subscription area

Welcome to “The Blog “

You have seen it there for ages. You know sitting lonely on the end of the AIA bar just twiddling its thumbs crying out for some company, conversation and content. So here it is.

Blog #2 Finding a good financial planner

Well I was going to start the new Blog with something on how to approach investing for retirement for those of us who are new to investing. Nothing too fancy, just an introduction to a few resources that may make that journey a little more secure.

Then Wham Bam we are in the middle of BREXIT , more precisely, a EU crisis. Maybe the possible disintegration of the worlds 3rd largest economy block is on the cards.

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.” Warren Buffett

The market


Intersting to read Alan Kohler's weekend email newsletter.  He now says that (based on the Fitch ratings) Europe is a mess and probably will not recover.
Alan says go to cash!  He says he will sell everything today (Monday).