"Understanding” Hybrids

This blog Title is a teaser really.

You can’t go wrong with property, can you?

You can’t go wrong with property, can you?

Beta shares DIVIDEND HARVESTER fund, an amateur’s opinion

What you win on the roundabout you tend to lose on the swings

Private Investor Underperformance

Getting half the index is the norm

“Betting on the Market”

I went to the 2016 AIA conference asking myself one question.

For the over 54-year-old Investor

Why 54 years old so important?

What's new in our Advocacy section?

AIA joins with SMSFOA, ASA and SISFA to argue 2016 Budget Superannuation Changes.

The One Stock "Portfolio"?

During the recent AIA conference a member stood up and said

“Strategic spending” in an uncertain world

A thought occurred to me whilst writing last week’s blog. The current investment environment seems quite uncertain if not outright dangerous. Rather than a miserable compromise just in case things turn bad I wondered if life would be better if I were to spend money “strategically”.

Goals and Questions


A. Do you adjust your income goals to maintain your risk profile goals?