Mechanics of Share Investing

Knowing the theory about investing in shares doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t understand the nuts and bolts of how to buy and sell a share.

In this section we take you through the practical aspects of investing in the sharemarket.

Armed with knowledge and practical step by step instructions you will develop the confidence to take your first step on the exciting journey of share investing.

 Choosing a broker

If you want to buy and sell shares directly you will need the services of a broker in one form or another.

Explore Choosing a broker to gain an understanding of the important considerations and what CHESS means to an investor.

 Making an investment

Often investors do their research and know which shares they want to buy but aren’t comfortable with actually executing a trade.

Explore Making an investment for a detailed explanation of how to buy and sell shares.

 Buying shares in a float

The process of a company offering new shares to the public to raise capital is called a float or initial public offering (IPO).

Learn more about the mechanics of investing in shares through an IPO.

 Corporate actions

Company’s can choose to undertake a variety of corporate actions to suit their business needs. These can include Share Buybacks and Rights Issues.

Explore Corporate actions to gain an understanding of what these terms mean for shareholders.