Book Review > Innovation and Emerging Markets - Where the Next Bulls will Run

Author: HOWARTH, Brad Publisher: Wrightbooks ISBN: 0701637471
Location: Melbourne Price: 24.95 Reviewed by: Richard Robinson

This book is about innovation in Australia and the conversion of that innovation into successful Australian businesses.
The first chapter introduces the reader to innovation and its commercialisation in Australia using such headings as: anatomy of a start up, raising capital, business angels, government assistance, private investors and going global.
There are then 12 Chapters, one devoted to each of the following 12 areas of innovation in Australia: Biotech, Mining Technology, Agribusiness, Financial Services, Software, The Internet, Wireless, Communications, Photonics, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and Energy and Environment. Each Chapter gives a strategic overview of the industry by discussing general issues and then by looking at the specific issues being faced by 3 or 4 specific companies in the area working to develop their innovations and take them to the market. The author has focused on privately held companies and "By telling these companies' stories hopes to be able to paint a picture of the state of play amongst Australian technology innovators". He also seeks to "educate potential investors as to the strengths, weaknesses and future prospects of several new technology markets".
In the last chapter, The Exit Strategy, the author discusses the futures that may be faced by the emerging companies like those introduced throughout the book. These futures include: going to the wall, riding the next technology wave, the global imperative, going public, staying private, being sold or merging as part of industry consolidation.
I believe this book would be of use to entrepreneurs looking to compare experiences, private investors being asked to invest in companies in new technologies, venture capitalists wanting to make comparisons among different industries and stock market investors interested in studying where the next successful IPO might be coming from. Being in the latter class of reader I found it hard to maintain an interest as I attempted to read the book from cover to cover. However I now have reference when I want to look up what are the issues facing a particular industry and to get some leads as to where I might look further on that subject.