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 Investors Voice December 2018

President's Message Graeme Bottrill
Volatile world markets are telling us to stay cautious Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
Is the bull run over? Matthew Jones, Capital 19 Global Investments
Growth vs value Stephen Arnold, AORIS Investment Management
Taxpayers with the lowest income tax rate are hardest hit Jon Kalkman, AIA Director
Labor's franking credit policy could increase SMSF members Max Newnham, Taxbiz
Why the reserve bank needs to cut rates Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
Limited recourse borrowing arrangements Lauren Ryan, Thinktank
The new ïpso facto"regime & SMSFs Joesph Cheung & Daniel Butler, DBA Lawyers
The cost of aged care in retirement Louise Bitti, Aged Care Steps
When to sell an investment property Andrew Zbik, Omniwealth
Fed up with the FANNGS?Global investing ideas outside of the US tech sector David Bassanese, BetaShares
An introduction to collaborative robots Ellerston Global
Investment opportunities within Fintech and borrowing/lending Ray Trevisan, OTG Capital


Investors Voice September 2018

President's Message Graeme Bottrill
Do we hang up on Telstra? Andrew Lewandowski, Negate capital Partners
Where next for Qantas? Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
20 stock market truths Marcus Padley, Marcus Today
10 ways to protect your SMSF from loss of mental capacity Brian Hor, SUPERCentral
A smart way to add technology investment to your portfolio Paul Wilson, Bailador Technology Investments
Hybrids Peter Harper, Betashares
Understanding the LIC discount dilemma Paul Moore, PM Capital
How SMSFs are investing Arnie Selvarajah, Bell Direct
The inaugural AIA stock picking contest Graeme Bottrill, AIA President
2018 National Investors Conference Graeme Bottrill, AIA President
Trade wars - What's been going on? Tamim Global Equity Investment Team
Report: Blockchain event at Sydney's North Shore Michael Tan, AIA NSW Committee


Investors Voice June 2018

President's message Graeme Bottrill
Have you been paying attention? Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FN Arena
How to avoid being crunched by the next mark correction Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
A view on Chinese equities Charlie Aitken, Aitken Investment Management
Investors should be going global right now... Catriona Burns, WAM
A better bet than an LIC? Nathan Bell, Peters macGregor Capital Management
Mining for long-term returns Adrian Ezquerro, Clime
7 Little known events that can make you money around June Jody Elliss, Investor Centre
Less red tape & greater flexibility in new super rules Janelle Ward, Freelance Journalist
Sizing up the downsizer Mark Ellem, SuperConcepts
How to be a super woman Brooke Gardener, Morgans
Six common SMSF trip-ups and how to avoid them Jordan George, SMSF Association
Society is going cashless. Michael Collins, Magellan Group


Investors Voice, March 2018

President's message Graeme Bottrill
This year, you will be safer if you swim between the flags Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
Another hidden fact pointing to a strong OZ economy in 2018 Peter Switzer, Switzer Report
Market performance measured by $AUD and $USD Jody Elliss
2018...A chartist's perspective Alan Hull
Investing in 'low to mid' capital growth Vaughan Henry, Blue Sky Alternative Investments
Why we're  thinking about yield all wrong Greg Maclean, AMP Capital
Currency disruption: From fiat to crypto, and greater personal freedom Ben Hagemann, Bitcoin Trader
Where's your superannuation invested? Ishan Dan, Wattle Partners
Why are declining businesses difficult investments Steve Johnson, Forager Funds Management
E-Commerce's relentless rise is rattling many traditional retail businesses Michael Collins, Magellan Group
Mortgages and family loans explained simply! Shane Ellis, Shane Ellis Legal Group
Is there something missing from your asset allocation model? Cameron Window, Mint Partners
Office markets: A bellwether for the economy Adrian Harrington, Folkestone


Investors Voice, December 2017

President's message Graeme Bottrill
Where to find opportunities in large companies David Walker, Clime
Australian equities in a changing world Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena
Dividends brighten the sharemarket picture Julia Lee, Bell Direct
Lessons from the October 1987 crash Tony Kaye, Investsmart
How we can position ourselves to successfully outperform the ASX David Robertson, YBR REI HDY
Alternatives vs traditional investments Holly Grofski, Global Merces
Mid year 2017 economic and property outlook update Damian Horton, Cromwell
Latest super changes: 25-point SMSF guide to ATO's hot issue Trish Power, Super Guide
Building SMSF value with borrowing Tim Miller, Miller Super Solutions
Payments above account-based pension(ABP) minimum reasons to prospectively document a strategy ASAP Joesph Cheung & Bryce Figot, DBA LAwyers


Investors Voice, September 2017

President's Message Graeme Bottrill
Global political risks one year on from Brexit Dr Shane Oliver, AMP Capital
One of the most significant developments to date in the world Drew Meredith, Sornem Private Wealth
Hold the phone...How are the telcos? Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
Direct shares compared to managed funds Laura Hua, Falmont Equities
3Macro-economic factors to impact your portfolio Matthew Haupt, Wilson Asset Management
Behind the LIC boom Will Spraggett, Seeding Partnerships
Residential Property...What could go wrong? Stuart Cartledge, Phoenix Portfolios
Has foreign capital changed the face of Australian real estate Bryan Reid, MCSI
Keep your spouse close but your parents closer Brian Herd, CRH Law
The patriotic retirement plan Anonymous
Options trading...Covered call strategy Simon Bridgland, Broadbent Financial
Book review Reviewed by Peter Schiff
Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? Carissa Pritchard, Bitcoin Trader
Conference Recap  


Investors Voice, June 2017

President's Message Graeme Bottrill
The end of easy money Jordan Eliseo, ABC Bullion
Benefits of SMSFs set to shine Darin Tyson-Chan, Self  Managed Super
The real interest paradox Andrew Jones, RateSetter
What is bitcoin? Carissa Pritchard, Bitcoin Trader
Family planning: The forgotten part of retirement planning Brian Herd, Elder Law Services, CRH Law
Tom's story: Longevity risk, the great unknown Elizabeth Moran, FIIG
Cash flow - A critical measure Karl Siegling, Cadence Capital Ltd
I like indexed ETFs Alan Hull
6 signs you should sell Chris Stott, Wilson Asset Management
How your house is assessed after moving to residential care Louise Biti, Aged Care Steps
Fundamental indexing David Bassanese, BetaShares


Investors Voice,  March 2017

President's message  Graeme Bottrill
Are small & mid-cap stocks good value?  Roger Montgomery
Me and my portfolio  Mike Howson, AIA member
Alternative to super overcomes access & investment limits  Neil Rogan, Centuria Life
Being an investor  Hamish Douglass
The temptations of private care  Brian Herd, CRH Law
The steps for aged care  Louise Biti, Aged Care Steps
SMSF trustees who snooze, will lose  Max Newnham, Taxbiz
How to invest in an overvalued market  Daryl Wilson, Affluence Funds
Stock talk: Westfield Corp  Stuart Cartledge
Navigating super law changes with confidence  Monica Rule
What happens when both members of an SMSF die  Brian Hor
2017 & the third wave  Alan Hull


Investors Voice, December 2016

President's Message Graeme Bottrill
Searching for the Holy Grail - income Doug Turek, Professional Wealth
Ignore proposed super pension at your peril Max Newnham, Taxbiz
Medium term economic & property outlook Darren Connolly, Cromwell
Chinese internet stocks set to rise Garry Davis, Specialist Shared Education
Four rules for small caps investing Alan Kohler,
Three worlds, a new global investment allocation approach Julian Reeves, CommSec Advisory
The latest SMSF statistics Graeme Bottrill, President AIA
Gale blowing for index unaware Steve Johnson, Forager Funds
What to do when everything looks expensive John Addis, Intelligent Investor
Year in review Philip Ryan, Trilogy Funds Management
Listed property trusts Peter Thornhill, Motivated Money


Investors Voice, September 2016

 President's message Graeme Bottrill
 Finding safe stocks likely to outperform Colin Nicholson
 Gold is the strongest form of money Peter Hall, AM, Hunter Hall
 Three good options in a low-interest rate environment Elizabeth Moran, FIIG
 Three steps to know when to sell shares Rob Markham, VectorVest
 Waiting for the world to change Julia Lee, Bell Direct
 Prepare to pay more for aged care Rachel Lane, Aged Care Gurus
 Conference overview  
 Introducing new listed debt security indices Phil Bayley, Australia Ratings
 Covered calls strategy guide Peter Moussa, Leveraged Equities
 Are bonds failing us as a warning signal Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund
 Those free options are a mixed blessing Boyd Peters. 


Investors Voice, June 2016

The Presidents Message Graeme Bottrill
Budget update Julie Dolan, SMSF Consulting
2016 A US Presidential election year Jody Elliss, IC Investor
How long will my retirement savings last Jon Kalkman, AIA Vice President
European low-cost carriers - no longer marginal players James Soutter, K2 Asset Management
The 7 habits for successful investing in junior goldmining companies Rob Bills, Emmerson Resources
Conditional membership in an SMSF - the advantages Daniel Butler & Phillippa Briglia, DBA Lawyers
Superannuation fund service providers  
Book review Reviewed by Warren Toh
Up, down or sideways Alan Hull
Liberal vs Labor Bryce Figot, DBA Lawyers


Investors Voice, March 2016

The Presidents Message Graeme Bottrill
Does your portfolio match your personality? Paul Resnik, FinaMetrica
Top 5 reasons to invest overseas Nathan Bell, Peters MacGregor Capital Management
Is the curtain falling on the property boom Gary Connolly, Trilogy Funds Management
Tactical versus strategic investment in 2016 Jody Elliss, Investor Centre
The real issues on our doorstep John Abernethy, Clime Asset Management
Book review Reviewed Glenis Phillips
Being a banker for your adult children Brian Herd, Elder Law Services, CRH Law
The ETF revolution is upon us David Bassanese, BetaShares
Will you be ready to pounce when the market reverses? Don Odgers and David Barnes
Sornem global snapshot Sornem Private Wealth
Beyond first glance Andrew Hall, K2 Asset Management


Investors Voice, December 2015

The President's message Graeme Bottrill
Investing in sound businesses Colin Nicholson
Financing a long and happy retirement Patrick Brook, Cromwell Property Group
The yield field is still in play Tim Lincoln, Lincoln Indicators
Mortgages: older than Dickens Phillip Ryan, Trilogy Funds
Gearing: The hardest lesson Julie McKay, Leveraged Equities 
Guaranteeing mediocre returns Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund  
I'm an enduring power of attorney, what do I do now? Brian Herd, CRH Law 
Recognising potential in a chart Don Odgers &  David Barnes, Chartwise Academy
Five undervalued, quality yield stocks on the ASX David Walker, StocksInValue 
Bricks and mortar Adrian Harrington, Folkstone
Book review Reviewed Malcolm Andrews
Microcaps Marcus Padley, Marcus Today


Investors Voice, September 2015

Drivers and drags on the road to Christmas David Chia, Relate Empower Deliver
The President's message Bill Shirley
Think about company strategy John Daly, Listcorp
The outlook for the Australian housing market Angie Zigomanis, BIS Shrapnel
Doing well and doing good David Deverall, Hunter Hall
The real Greek Tragedy Alan Hull
Conference snapshot  
Future of big four remains stable Christine St Anne, Morningstar
Hedging in a volatile market Jody Elliss, Investor Centre
Tax on super Jon Kalkman, Director AIA
Keys to building financial strength Julie McKay, Leveraged Equities
Does your private estate look like Swiss cheese Shane Ellis, SMSF Law
Where the rubber meets the road Robert Markham, VectorVest


 Investors Voice, June 2015

Investing in the internet of things Nick Griffin, K2
The President's message Bill Shirley
Five ways to tap into yield Christine St Anne, Morningstar
The problem for pensioners & savers John Abernethy, Clime
Having your cake Marcus Padley, Marcus Today
My SMSF journey Michael Tan, AIA member
9 golden rules for successful share-market investing Tim Lincoln, Lincoln Indicators
What say you, Santa? Nick Radge, The Chartist
The top 10 bond risks you need to know Elizabeth Moran, FIIG
Family fights & family trusts Bernie O'Sullivan, Bernie O'Sullivan Lawyers
Book Review: How to beat the Managed Funds by 20%, Dale Gillham Reviewed by Vimal Mehta
Property vs shares Harold Medd


Investors Voice, March 2015

What does a low interest rate environment  mean for markets?                                  Michael Kodari, KOSEC - Kodari Securities
President's Message Bill Shirley
Honey, I lost the deed! Krishna Skandakumar, DBA Lawyers
Global equities - The new frontier Ian Irvine, ASX
Commodities, energy, Australian dollar & interest rates Brenton Tong, Financial Spectrum
Cheap stocks, how to buy (and sell) them Karl Siegling, Cadence Capital Limited
International outlook 2015 remaining positive Nick Griffin, Jeff Thomson, James Tsinidis & Kieran Moore, K2 Asset Management
Can an adult child be a tax dependant Daniel Butler, DBA Lawyers
Borrowing to invest detox Julie McKay, Leveraged
All eyes on the fed Lee M Spano, Creatness International
Gold, gold derivatives & gold stocks Alan Hull,
Seven year cycles in the market place Jody Ellis, Investor Centre

Investors Voice, December 2014

How to find a needle in a haystack David Barnes and Don Odgers, Chartwise Academy
President's Message Bill Shirley
The SMSF owner's alliance Duncan Fairweather, SMSF Owners' Alliance
Legally minimising your taxes and maximising your savings Shane Ellis, Ellis Law
10 New Year resolutions Tim Lincoln, Lincoln Indicators
Margin lending. Is it time to reconsider? Julie McKay, Leverage Equities
Investor's battle plan for winning the war against fear & greed Angel Clark and Rob Markham, VectorVest
Market direction & volatility Lee M Spano, Creatness International
Trading the dividend seasons Nick Radge, The Chartist
Bricks & mortar Harold Medd
Beware the dividend Michael Kodari, Kosec
Top 10 tips for assessing bonds Elizabeth Moran, FIIG
Yielding more income Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund
SMSF xtras for Gen X & why for Gen Y Shane Ellis, Ellis Law

Investors Voice, September 2014

Switching from transition to retirement pension to a full account-based pension Liam Shorte, Richard Livingston
President's Message Bill Shirley
Content is (still) king Jeff Thomson, Nick Griffin & James Tsinidis - K2 International
Letter to the editor Peter Stewart - AIA Member
Who can you trust? Are you getting advice or a sales pitch? Brian Spies - AIA Director
A guide to tax deferred distributions Daryl Wilson - Cromwell
Investors queue for high yield corporate bonds Liz Moran - FIIG
SMSF loans to trusts Krishna Skandakumar & Daniel Butler
What would George do? Nick Radge - The Chartist
The politics behind financial markets Alan Hull
A better understanding of earnings for common stocks Lee Spano - Creatness International
The outcome of an income obsession Roger Montgomery - The Montgomery Fund
High priced management or low cost founders? Jason Sedawie - Decisive Asset Management
SMSF xtras 4 Gen X & why 4 Gen Y Shane Ellis - SMSF Law


Investors Voice, June 2014

Market gets a health check Elio D'Amato - Lincoln Indicators
President's Message Bill Shirley
Matching up the returns in LICs Boyd Peters - Contango
Beware of the risks for individual SMSF trustees Russell Lees - Sornem Private Wealth
Using Twitter for investing: Tweet, Twitterer, #&@! Russell Lees - Director AIA
Design thinking in the financial markets Lee Spano - Creatness International 
Caught short - why many retirees' incomes will probably run out early Stephen Duchesne - EBX
mFund to simplify how investors access unlisted managed funds Ian Irvine - ASX Limited
Cochlear versus ResMed Nathan Bell - Intelligent Investor
The emerging Chinese consumer. Some implications for investors Nick Griffin - K2 Asset Management Ltd
Understand position sizing Colin Nicholson
The sleep at night factor for your share portfolio Jeremy Gard - Sequioa Asset Management
McIntosh v McIntosh Bryce Figot - DBA Lawyers


Investors Voice, March 2014

50 Stock Market Tips Brian McErlean - AIA Member
President's Message Bill Shirley
Up in January; Down January Jody Elliss - Investor Centre
Sentiment Analysis, a third way Lee Spano - Creatness International
The rise of the Contributory Mortgage Scheme Kasey Lee - AMF
How to Invest for Income and Preserve Capital David Walker
What is Facebook & why should you use it? Donna Meadows - AIA
SMSF Borrowing, Is it right for you? Sequoia Superannuation
Your feelings are killing your profits Angel Clark - VectorVest
2014: What should we expect? Roger Montgomery
Special Disability Trusts Jon Kalkman - AIA Member
Size and diversity of the market makes for a robust portfolio Elizabeth Moran - FIIG
The lament of the last minute will-he Shane Ellis - SMSF Law

Investors Voice, December 2013

Hitchhikers guide to investing
Nick Radge
Presidents Message
Bill Shirley
Introduction to active investing
Alan Hull
Extravant buildings, bad news for shareholders
Jason Sedawie - Decisive Asset Management
Caltex; A fuel's errand
Gaurav Sodhi
Fear and the art of trading
Chris Tate
Me and my portfolio
Lee Spano
Book Review: Neuroinvesting
Theresa Loo
Women and money, Its time to get real
Rosemary O'Connor
Changes of trustee
Jared Lynch & Bryce Figot
Automatically reversionary penions, are they still worthwhile?
Are your investments ready for you to retire?
Kylie Temple
Taking a pesnion fron an SMSF
Darren Wynen


Investors Voice, September 2013

Think like the great investors
Colin Nicholson - BWTS
Presidents Message
Bill Shirley
Share Price Catalysts
Geoff Wilson - Wilson Asset Management
Investing in the toothbrush test
Jason Sedawie - Decisive Asset Management
The shape of the market in an election year
Jody Elliss - CEO Investor Centre
Me and my portfolio
Rosemary O'Connor - AIA Member
Looking for a catalyst for change
Julia Lee - Bell Direct
SMSFs - Do you really know how to run one?
Kylie Temple - MoneyFit Australia
Recurring volatility cycles in the stock market
Robert Vagg - AIA Member
Different assets in your SMSF at different times of life
Kate Anderson - SuperIQ
Pick the best stocks for less
Roger Montgomery - The Montgomery Fund
Why fund managers don't sell
Bob Hartley & Greg Ward - AIA Members
Covered Calls
Michael Gable - Fairmont Equities
Advanced risk management techniques for SMSF trustees
John Collignon - Sequioa
Time to look at Gold Miners
Tim Kelley - The Montgomery Fund
The end of one boom drowns out the start of another
Russell Lees - Sornem Private Wealth

Investors Voice, June 2013

The Safe Income Boom
Marcus Padley - Author and Marcus Today
Presidents Message
Bill Shirley
Longevity - The Road Ahead
David Williams - My Longevity
Me and My Portfolio
Brian McErlean - AIA Member
Where to for Small and Microcaps
Boyd Peters - Contango Microcap Limited
Investor or Trader
Alan Hull - Author
It's a New World for Commodities
Rudi Filapek-Vandyck FNArena
Investing Systems - Part 11
Lee Spano - CEO Creatness
Super is Your Future
Josh Vrsaljko - CEO ZAC Investments
Investing with Momentum
Nick Radge - The Chartist
Is Retirement Dead?
Rosemary O'Connor - AIA Member
Demystifying Aged Care
Louise Biti

Investors Voice, March 2013 

Is it a bull market? John Abernethy, Clime Asset Management
President's message Bill Shirley
Investing systems Part 1 Introduction Lee Spano, AIA Member
Three reasons not to use your SMSF to buy property Daryl Wilson, Cromwell Property
Techniques to help you find the market's best businesses Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management
What happens when SMSF trustees don't agree? David Oon, DBA Lawyers
A small SMSF - Defying the norms Graham Wright, AIA Member
Commodities due for an upside surprise Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena
Book Review: Top Stocks 2013, Martin Roth Reviewed by Mike Barrett
Where are some of the pitfalls of traveling when you're a senior? Seniors Holiday Travel
Passive investing is a waste of time Alan Hull
Microcaps:Poised to breakout in 2013? Boyd Peters, Contango MicroCap Ltd

Investors Voice, December 2012

Cyclical analysis and marketing timing
Allan Hull
Commonwealth seniors health card
President's Message
Bill Shirley
Good news for Australia as China avoids hard landing
Clime Asset Management
Me and my portfolio
Richard Rowe
Auto-reversionary pensions after MYEFO
Daniel Butler & Bryce Figot, DBA Lawyers
Generation useless
Marcus Padley, The Age
Book Review: Find the right property,buy at the right price, Melissa Opie
Reviewed by Theresa Loo
The three levels of sanity handling your SMSF estate
Shane Ellis, SMSF law Equityprotect
Future thoughts on investing for income
Graham Saunders, AIA Member
How do you protect your potfolio against higher inflation
Elizabeth Moran, FIIG Securities
Is your rental property prepared for storm season?
Corina Bailey
Australian bank stress test results are credit positive
William Arnold
Christmas pudding recipe

Investors Voice, September 2012

Assessing portfolio allocation strategies - What's the best way to make the most out of your money? Dr Stephen Nash, FIIG
President's Message Bill Shirley
Investing for income Alan Hull
Indications of a cyclical market low Robert Vagg
Sheltering in Bornstein's 'perfect storm' - excess contributions tax crisis averted David Oon & Bryce Figot, DBA Lawyers
The case for direct US shares Joel Palmer, Palmer Portfolios Group
The Australian dollar - Where to now? Lee Spano, AIA member
Book review, Exchange-traded funds for dummies Vimal Mehta
Exciting times for Magnetic Magnetic Resources


Investors Voice, June 2012

The rain in Spain goes mainly down the drain in May - or is it April?
John Abernethy, Clime Asset Management
President's Message Bill Shirley 
Comparing ANZHA and WBCPC Vincent Chin, Clime Asset Management
Market recovery patterns Robert Vagg
ETFS: The next wave for managed funds Tony Rumble, BetaShares
In the olden days Bob Andrew
Investors need bonds Elizabeth Moran, FIIG Securities
Specialisation & simplicity - key elements for long term success
Lee Spano, AIA Member
How $1 million can last longer than you
John Kalkman, Editor, AIA Member
Book review, SMSF DIY Guide Tony Reardon


Investors Voice, March 2012

Property as an alternative for cash? Mike Anderson
Finding value in volatile times Roger Montgomery
Family superannuation funds Ken Raiss
The Chermside Share Discussion Group Joanne Stuhmcke
Exchange traded funds - what can self directed investors learn from institutional investors? Tim Bradbury
President’s message Bill Shirley
AIA web book reviews  
Price/Earnings ratios as value indicators Robert Vagg
Bulletin board  
China - 2012 Outlook for Australian Investors Lee M Spano
Book review - Shopping for shares, Tracey Edwards Reviewed by Clare Mullen
Us and our portfolio Toya and Laurie

Investors Voice, November 2011

The economic outlook
Chris Caton
Indications from the Coppock Indicator Robert Vagg
What do the proposed changes to Australia's aged care system mean for you? Peter Whitehead
The best sectors for the next 12 months Elio D'Amato
Volatility: an often overlooked variable Lee Spano
Live like a king
Marcus Padley
Fixed income security in volatile times Brad Newcombe
AIA National Investors Conference
Brian Spies
AIA Member survey  
Book review: Trade my way, Alan Hull Reviewed by Malcolm Andrews
Me and my portfolio
Rob Garnsworthy

Investors Voice, August 2011

Keeping inflated promises
Doug Turek
The AIA China Study Tour
Graham Rich
What’s in store for property?
Michael Yardney
Tracking and benchmarking investment performance
Brian Spies
Quantitative Easing - is it the answer?
Scott Dixon
Results of the June 2011 members survey
Australian share market and economic cycles
Robert Vagg
Tax notes
Linda Farmer & Dennis Eagles
Return of convertibles
Brad Newcombe
President’s message
Alison Harrington
Bulletin board
Me and my portfolio : Seven principles for a Creative Edge
Lee M. Spano

Investors Voice, May 2011

The benefits of boring businesses
Dr John Price
Is your SMSF due for a super service?
Trish Power
ETF facts and fictions
Tom Keenan
Australian investors sentiment survey
Scott McKenzie
Evolution of LICs
Geoff Wilson
Inflation on the horizon: what it means for investors
Rob Garnsworthy
President’s message
Alison Harrington
US v. ASX market performance and fair value
Robert Vagg
Covered bonds
Brad Newcombe
Tax notes
Dennis Eagles
Bulletin Board
Book review: The conscious investor: profiting from the timeless value approach
Reviewed by Jolyon Forsyth
Me and my portfolio
Tony Reardon

Investors Voice, February 2011

What’s in store for 2011
John Abernethy
President’s message
Alison Harrington
Bulletin Board
Long-term inflation trends and the Australian Share market
Robert Vagg
Looking at alternatives the right way
Dominic McCormick
Microcaps: a recognized asset class
Boyd Peters
A new era in property investment
Michael Yardney
Measuring share portfolio investment returns
Michael van Cuylenburg
Tax notes
Dennis Eagles
Seven reasons to invest in fixed income
Brad Newcombe
The Chatswood Discussion Group
Robert Weissmann
The AIA Members’Forum
Bill Dodd
Book review: The little book of economics
Reviewed by Jo Martin
Me & my portfolio
AIA member

Investors Voice, November 2010

The new reality
Jonathan Pain
President’s message
Jolyon Forsyth
Bulletin board
Is the ASX coupled to the DOW?
Robert Vagg
Lifecyle investing
Doug Turek
Defensive (growth) strategies using gearing
Tony Rumble
Twelve investment areas to avoid
Dominic McCormick
Gerard Paynter
Tax notes
Dennis Eagles
Capital structure
Brad Newcombe
The Managed Investments Group
Scott McKenzie
Book Review: Managing your investment property
Reviewed by Peter Schiff
Book Review: Trader’s guide to economic Indicators
Reviewed by Vimal Mehta
Me and my portfolio
Ian B

Investors Voice, August 2010

Real estate and the road to economic recovery
David Quirk
President’s message
Jolyon Forsyth
Australian stock market growth trends since 1974
Robert Vagg
Protecting your wealth requires forward planning
Peter Whitehead
How to buy the best stocks
Roger Montgomery
Some Issues for trustees of SMSFs to consider
Jenni Eason
Bulletin  Board
An outlook for the S&P/ASX 200
Daniel Goulding
Tax notes
Dennis Eagles
Brad Newcombe
ETF trading tips
David Bassanese
Book Review: How an economy grows and why it crashes by Peter D Schiff & Andrew J Schiff
Reviewed by Robert Smith
Me & my portfolio
Bernie Ayers

Investors' Voice, May 2010

Sub-prime recovery: scale, speed and timing
Ashley Ormond
President's message
Jolyon Forsyth
Our new office 
Jenni Eason
Bulletin board
The Australian share market's annual cycle 
Robert Vagg
The Warren Buffett way 
Marcus Padley
Investing in art 
Cameron Smith
On the road to recovery 
Orchard Funds Management
Tax notes - real estate and CGT 
Dennis Eagles
What is a hybrid? Investors' Voice, May 2010
Brad Newcombe
Book review - The investor's manifesto 
Reviewed by Michael Stearn
Account-based pensions out, government annuities in 
Scott McKenzie 
Bayside discussion group 
Kevin Macdonald
Me & my portfolio 
Alan Timmins

Investors' Voice, February 2010

The recovery to continue
Shane Oliver
President’s message
Jolyon Forsyth
Bulletin board
A share market model for a new decade
Robert Vagg
Core and satellite investing
Tony Rumble
The Ripoll Report
Scott McKenzie
Alphabet soup: What are ETFs, LICs and SMAs?
Stuart Fechner
Rental yield: it’s all relative
Paul Do
Tax notes: Three overlooked issues
Dennis Eagles
Hybrid annual review: Bets placed: 2010 is time to collect
Brad Newcombe
If it’s discussion you want … The Kew discussion group
Glenn Gonsal
Book Review: Stock market secrets by Marcus Padley
Reviewed by Tim Kottek
AIA web book reviews listing
A summary of the Sydney November seminar
John Lance
Us and our portfolio
John Staples and Elisabeth Drew

Investors' Voice, November 2009

Materials sector: outlook for 2010
Peter Arden
President’s message
Jolyon Forsyth
Bulletin board
AIA members’ online forum
Some facts on Australian listed international ETFs
David Bassanese
The Australian equity market: an update
Daniel Goulding
Leverage to the bank bill swap rate
Brad Newcombe
Index versus active: when two worlds collide
Robin Bowerman
Seven easy ways to add value and kick up the cashflow
Geoff Doidge
Stress testing investor portfolios
Peter Worcester & Paul Resnik
Tax notes: are you entitled to your imputation credit?
Dennis Eagles
Book Review: Building wealth in the stock market by Colin Nicholson
Reviewed by Jenni Eason
Book Listing
Me & my portfolio
AIA member


Investors' Voice, August 2009

Now not the time for indexing
Nigel Wilkin-Smith
President’s Message
Jolyon Forsyth
Happy new financial year
Chris Caton
Recovery pathways in the Australian share market
Robert Vagg
Bulletin Board
The outlook for the Australian market
Daniel Goulding
Brad Newcombe
Australian Real Estate Investments (REITs) - have we hit the bottom?
Warren Boothman
Estate planning checklist
Matthew Burgess & Julia Taylor
Gold: history’s most coveted, celebrated and inglorious asset
Jamie Nemtsas
Tax notes
Dennis Eagles
Book review - Market Panic
Brian Matthews
Me & my portfolio
Kelvin Aldred


Investors' Voice, May 2009

Hoping for a repeat of the eighties
Rudi Filapek-Vandyck
President’s message
Jolyon Forsyth
Seeking a share market bottom
Robert Vagg
Bulletin Board
Residential property: still a good investment
Monique Wakelin
ETFs as the core of your portfolio
Tejay Lovelock
Currency hedging for your international investments
Angelo Veschetti
Perth Equities Discussion Group
John Venn
Tax Notes: A taxing budget?
Dennis Eagles
Storm Financial
Scott McKenzie
Book review – The Essays of Warren Buffett
Reviewed by Vimal Mehta
AIA web book reviews
Me & My Portfolio
Doug Stein
Investors' Voice Supplement - A Long-Term Model of the Australian Stock Market
Robert Vagg


Investors' Voice, February 2009

The Big Issues for 2009
Craig James
President's Message
Jolyon Forsyth
Sunshine Coast Discussion Group
Rob Coles
Kew, Melbourne Discussion Group
Glenn Gonsal
Volatility Extremes in the Australian Sharemarket
Robert Vagg
Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
Stock Market Cycles
Simon Kent-Jones
Emerging Markets: Prospects in the Crisis
Maarten-Jan Bakkum
Cost Effective International Investing with iShares Exchange Traded Funds
Tim Bradbury
Australia's Future Tax System
Dennis Eagles
How to Talk with an Adviser
Scott Mckenzie
Book Listing
Bulletin Board
Me & My Portfolio
Dick Heiler
Investors' Voice Supplement - Summary of Superannuation Changes
Jenni Eason


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