Managed Investments Reports

As Australia’s leading not-for-profit association for investors, AIA strives to provide credible information to its members about Managed Funds and other managed investment products.

In 2007 a research project was undertaken aimed at presenting information on some well performed wholesale managed funds. The findings were presented at the 2007 AIA National Conference and a report made available to AIA Members. The report has been updated annually.

In 2012 the structure and content of the report has been extensively revised to increase its usefulness to AIA Members. A new section describes the three most popular types of managed investments:  Managed Funds, Licensed Investment Companies (LICs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Key benefits of this report for AIA Investors include:-

  • Provides a reference point for the performance of Managed Investments compared to an individually managed portfolio of selected direct equities
  • Identifies  products from the top quartile of Managed Investments with analysis and evaluation
  • Provides key data sheets and references for individual  managed investments across a wide spectrum of asset types, groupings, etc
  •  Provides summary information of Managed Investment Products prepared by an independent source (not associated with any promoter or marketing group with vested interests)