2015 AIA Best Performed Managed Investment Products Report


The AIA would like to thank members of the Brisbane Investment Management Group for producing this report for the benefit of AIA Members.

The AIA relies on volunteers to achieve its mission of
“Investors Helping Investors”

Members of the group who participated in the researching, writing, reviewing and editing of the report were:

  • Bob Hartley
  • Michael Noakes
  • Mike Tidbold
  • David Elliott
  • John Staples
  • Ashley Voigt

Special thanks are given to Bob Hartley, who managed the project and Graeme Bottrill who uploaded the report to the AIA Website.

Bill Shirley
AIA President


For the ninth consecutive year, members of the AIA Brisbane Investment Management Group (BIMG) have compiled a summary of investment returns and other data for the best performing Managed Investment Products.

Changes have been made to the scope of the report for the 2015 issue as follows:

  • Inclusion of new subsection providing information on Public Offer Superannuation Funds
  • Reinstatement of reporting on Multi-Sector Managed Funds
  • Reinstatement of the Watch List

As in previous years, performance and other key statistics are presented in tables.

Key benefits for AIA Members are that this report:

  • Provides a reference point for the performance of Managed Investment Products compared to an individually managed portfolio of selected direct equities
  • Provides a reference point for SMSF trustees to reflect on the investment performance of their self managed funds relative to that achieved by public offer superannuation funds
  • Identifies products from the top quartile of Managed Investment Products and provides information about them that is not generally available in the public domain
  • Provides key data sheets and references for individual  Managed Investment Products across a wide spectrum of asset categories
  • Provides summary information about Managed Investment Products prepared by an independent source that is not associated with any promoter

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This year, we have not considered offering printed copies for sale.   If sufficient members request printed copies, we will certainly provide them.  Please call the office.