2019 Summit - Back to the Future

Papers presented at the 15th March 2019 'Back to the Future; Future Proofing portfolios in an era of Trump, Trade Wars, Tariffs and Tax" - A one-day investment summit held at Sydney, are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

Investors have a lot to worry about, experts are predicting a 20% fall in Australian property prices, a change in government will see major tax changes including the likely loss of franking credits. Global interest rates are rising, inflation is starting to rear its head again, asset valuations are stretched, disruption is everywhere, and markets are once again volatile.

With the majority of American economists now predicting a recession within the next two years, investors need to ensure they future proof portfolios.

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The effect of tax changes on portfolio income and tax rates
Max Newnham, TaxBiz

Investors and retirees have a lot to worry about with the probability of a new government with a raft of new tax policies. The changes to the refundability of franking credits will affect all investing in domestic equities and hit your income hard. As well, changes to capital gains tax will fundamentally change property investing.

Max will take us through the proposed changes, highlight the effects on your portfolio returns and provide strategies to mitigate the risks.


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An outlook for the Australian economy - is it time to pay the piper?
Paul Bloxham, Chief economist, HSBC

With unemployment reaching 5%, businesses investment strong and GDP growing at over 3%, its easy to be complacent on the domestic outlook for stocks. But risks are increasing, economic reform is weak, politics is in disarray, China is slowing, interest rates are on the increase and our property market has hit the brakes rapidly.

Paul will provide an overview of the Australian economy, cover the key risks investors should consider and answer the question, is it time to pay the piper?



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Global trade wars - are Australian investors well placed to weather the storm.
Brett Gillespie, Head of global macro, Ellerston Capital

Global storms are brewing putting the global synchronicity growth theme at risk, investors are once again having to navigate portfolios through turbulent waters. Global trade wars, the re-emergence of tariffs, the start of a new interest rate cycle, fake news and historically high asset markets.

Brett will cover the key events influencing international equity markets and an update on global growth and outline where the safe harbours are during periods of global trade storms. 



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Future proof portfolios - can it really be done?
Doug Turek, , 

Can investors really go “back to the future” and future proof their portfolios?  In the movie Back to the Future, Marty McFly travels between the past and the present encountering his ancestors and descendants. Doug will take on the role of Marty and will go Back to the Future to show us what time has taught investors (but we usually forget) about the golden rules of portfolio management.

Topics covered will be managing retirement portfolios, how to navigate investment capital through turbulent times and the key lessons learnt over the last twenty years future proofing portfolios.


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Positioning your portfolio for a disruptive economy
Julia Lee, Bell Direct

In the movie Back to the Future, Emmett "Doc" Brown is the inventor of the DeLorean time machine. At various points in time, Doc helps Marty restore the space-time continuum and reverse the changes that were caused by time travel. Julia will take on the role of Doc Brown, but this time will go into the future to discover tomorrow’s winning stocks and help us future proof our portfolios.

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