Australian Sharemarket, Where To Next?

Papers presented at the 24 June THE AUSTRALIAN SHAREMARKET – WHERE TO NEXT? one-day seminar held at Sydney are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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The economic & share market outlook – Simon Kent-Jones (Ord Minnett)

The Australian economy has hardly missed a beat for almost 20 years despite a raft of challenges posed from overseas. But how will the new financial year shape up? Simon will assess the outlook for the economy over the coming year including forecasts for interest rates, the dollar and sharemarket. In addition Simon will also focus on some of the longer-term risks and opportunities that the economy and share market faces and assess what they mean for investors.

Presentation (PDF 314KB)

Identifying growth stocks – Geoffrey Wilson (WAM)

Geoffrey will outline his stock selection model, how it has worked in the past and provide some pointers to identifying the next group of companies that could provide windfall returns in any market conditions.

Presentation (PDF 234KB)

Identifying income stocks – Peter Thornhill (Motivated Money)

Growth and value are two sides of the same investing coin. The first prize is a company with both growth prospects trading at good value. In no time, these usually produce the best income too. Find out how to identify companies with the best growth prospects and those with none.
Paper not available

The bank sector – John Abernethy, Clime Asset Management

The banking sector has performed well during the global financial crisis with Westpac now the 13th largest bank in the world and the Commonwealth now the 15th largest bank in the world. John will provide a broad overview of this sector from both a global and Australian perspective. John will also provide a detailed summary of the sector and the outlook for the year ahead. 

Presentation (PDF 552KB)

The IT & telco sector – Mark McDonnell (BBY)

Since 1995, Australia’s IT revenues have grown an average of 13.0% per year. Whilst 2% of Australia’s total population earn a living from IT, these same workers generate 3.7% of the country’s overall GDP. Mark will provide an overview of the major players for not only the IT sector but also for the telco sector.

Paper coming soon

The resources sector – Stephen Bartrop (LimeStreet Capital)

Australia continues to retain high leverage to the China led economic boom that is driving unprecedented levels of investment in our resource sector. The urbanisation and industrialisation aspirations of China are likely to continue driving this extraordinary level of economic activity over an extended time frame. How should we position ourselves to profit from this opportunity?

Presentation (PDF 1.79MB)