Bulls v's Bears

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Debunking Economics Steve Keen (UWS)

Steve Keen is well known for his views on the level of debt and for his prediction of a major correction in house prices.


What the Charts Say Robert Vagg (AIA)

Robert will relate recent movements in the Australian and US stock markets to the long-term history of those markets, including comparison with their current and forward model valuations. His chart-based projections indicate an exciting future.


Investing for Income in Uncertain Times Barry Ziegler (Morgan Stanley)

A portfolio which includes judicious use of interest bearing securities, hybrids and debt securities may not only produce more income but may outperform a straight equity portfolio.


Emerging Markets Stuart James (Aberdeen)

Emerging markets are predicted to outperform the rest of the world’s economies and the Aberdeen Emerging Opportunities Markets Fund has an impressive performance. However, risks remain and how investors choose to access this story is as important as ever.


Property vs Equity – Peter Davidson (BT Investment Management)

There is a long running debate as to whether property or equities are the better performing investment.


The Market Always Knows Best or Does It? Rudi Filapek-Vandyck (FNArena)

To sum up the outlook, we turn to a well-known commentator who regularly makes sense of confusing market signals.


Papers presented at the 12 November 2010 BULLS V BEARS one-day seminar held at Sydney are available as indicated by the links in the program below.