Estate Planning

Papers presented at the  14 June 2013 'Estate Planning Strategies - To protect your wealth' - one-day seminar held at Sydney, are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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The Impact of Ageing
Gabrielle Leahy (Retire & Flourish) & Michael Leahy (Specialist Business Lawyer)
Our judgement and skills change as we get older. How do we know when to hand control over to others? How do we recognise and adapt to the ageing process so as to protect our interests? This talk will cover the process of cognitive impairment - how our ability to make good decisions is compromised in the later years of life, and ways to mitigate the risk. Will you manage your own finances and investments as you get older, or pass the responsibility over to a trusted individual or advisor?

How do you ensure your rights and interests are protected? In later years healthcare will be all important. Who will make decisions should you be incapacitated? The role of a living will and durable power of attorney, advanced care directives and the selection of guardians and personal representatives?




Superannuation in Estate Planning - Growing Your Assets
Chris Balalovski (Perpetual Private Wealth)
This session will begin with a Budget update highlighting the key changes to optimise superannuation. You will learn how to optimise superannuation for estate planning, the role of super in growing your assets, borrowing and insurance, and strategies for lowering the tax burden on beneficiaries. You will learn how to rollover a SMSF into a retail or industry fund.

Protecting Your Assets
Is superannuation an effective means of asset protection, and what can go wrong? You will learn about the role of binding and non-binding death nominations, and the advantages of reversionary pensions. Also, what happens when a trustee dies or becomes incapacitated, and what are the impacts of bankruptcy?