Investing for Life

Papers presented at the  18 October 2013 'Investing for life:  Meeting your investment goals in an uncertain future', one-day seminar held at Sydney, are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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Managing Change: Creating an investment plan to last a lifetime

            Colin Nicholson (Investor, author and educator)

One of the keys to investment success is having an investment plan. However, creating a plan is not simple and easy. Nor is there a single plan for everyone, because our objectives for our lives are not all the same. Our investment plan must be designed for what each of us wants to achieve from our lives. What makes the task difficult is coming to grips with managing change, a factor that is inherent in the human journey from birth through to death. We can try to deny change, or try to ignore the future, but these problems will not go away. In this presentation Colin will discuss the dimensions of the task and provide a framework around which attendees will be able to build an investment plan that will hold up for their lifetime.




The four dimensions of wealth: Earn it, save it, invest it, spend it 

            Michael Kemp (Financial analyst, investor and author)

People commonly wish to achieve financial security through the accumulation of wealth. But in order to succeed, it is essential to first establish what wealth actually means to you. Most people are poor at defining this.
Michael discusses steps to assist in defining your own goals rather than those set by social expectation. Once established this will provide a guide from the beginning to the end of the wealth creation journey


Safe - secure - boring - predictable shares

            Peter Thornhill (Motivated Money)

Peter will present his politically incorrect version of investing, in which he believes that breaking most of the rules is the only way to beat the herd.

Find out why, when interviewed on radio recently, he wished for another GFC. With so much useless information making our heads spin, learn to turn the noise off. Remember, money is your slave, be not a slave to it.


How longevity aware are you?  Will your assets support you for your life?

            David Williams (My Longevity)

‘Sleeping soundly at night' is a worthwhile investment objective. We are only likely to achieve this by being well informed and adaptable. More than ever we are confronted with rapid changes in outlook to which we must respond. The challenge increases as we age because there is less time to redress poor decisions and our personal abilities are more under pressure.

Time is a key variable in all plans.

David's presentation will enable you to better understand and manage your personal longevity. He will also show you how to incorporate this knowledge into good financial management


An age-based investment strategy

            Dr Stephen Nash (Director of Strategy and Market Development FIIG Securities)

A popular age-based asset allocation strategy is to vary the proportion of bonds and equities in an investment portfolio.  The mix of bonds and equities needs to be adjusted over time, depending on the required return and risk tolerance of the investor, to match the changing characteristics of these two asset classes.

This presentation considers the way that bonds can assist with reducing overall portfolio volatility, how inflation and sequencing risk have the potential to derail your investment strategy, and ways to minimise these risks

Presentation not available

Trusting others to invest for you: The role of managed funds and LIC’s

            Tom Millner (CEO, BKI Investment Company Ltd)

Not all investors have the time or skills to invest themselves. There are many options to outsource investment decisions to experienced managers.  In this talk, Tom will discuss the merits of investing in the Australian equity market through Listed Investment Companies (LICs).

The discussion will focus on how LICs fit in to a portfolio of assets, with particular focus on low fees, diversification, long-term performance with stable dividend flow, and administrative simplicity.  Tom will also describe the difference between LICs and managed funds