Investing in Australia's 3-Speed Economy

Papers presented at the 8 July 2011 INVESTING IN AUSTRALIA’S 3-SPEED ECONOMY one-day seminar held at Sydney are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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The budget and Australia’s economic outlook – Paul Bloxham

Paul Bloxham will outline what he thinks will happen in the next 12 months and the potential impact of the recent budget. Where is the cycle taking investors? Paul will look at the challenges facing the global economic environment and provide an outlook for the year ahead.


Winners and losers – the impact of a high Australian dollar on sector outlook – Simon Kent-Jones

In this three speed economy some sectors are booming, some are stagnant and others are going backwards.  Simon Kent-Jones will explore the impact of the high Australian dollar on investments and strategies that can be used to take advantage of opportunities in our rapidly evolving economy? 


Fundamental analysis in a rapidly changing business climate – Steve Johnson

Is fundamental analysis different in a three-speed economy?  Should different approaches be used in different sectors? For many investors fundamental analysis is the key to selecting sound stocks. Steve Johnson will show you how this type of analysis can be used to assist with not only the investment decision-making process but also with the timing of purchase and sale of shares. Steve will also provide an overview of definitions and explanations of some of the common terms and summarise a range of fundamental analysis tools available. Calculators are a must for this session.


Technical Analysis in a rapidly changing business climate – Justine Pollard

What (if anything) are technical indicators telling us about this economic and business climate? The Australian stock market has been stagnant for more than a year now and this poses many challenges to traders. Justine Pollard will show you how to analyse current market trends through technical analysis and develop a market exposure strategy in your trading plan based on different market conditions. Justine will also provide an overview of the changes she has made to her trading plan in this environment and describe alternative trading strategies you can consider.


Trading strategies for alternative investments – Davin Clarke

Davin Clarke has developed a keen understanding of how the market moves and how market psychology affects price through watching and trading the markets in real time. The ability to accurately read market dynamics is invaluable to his success and he combines this skill with his own unique trading style. He will outline successful strategies to trade forex, gold, silver and other commodities.


Preparing for future shocks – Russell Lander

The demise of Osama Bin Laden; ballooning sovereign debt; the financial collapse of Iceland, Greece and Ireland and the massive economic shock faced by Japan are all events which we as individual investors have no control over. Using a range of possible scenarios, Russell Lander will outline the potential impact and, most importantly, what strategies you can put in place to better protect yourself for unpredictable events that move markets