Residential Property as an Investment Class

Papers presented at the 8 May RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY AS AN INVESTMENT CLASS one-day seminar held at Perth are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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Future directions of the residential property market in Perth

One of Perth’s leading real estate figures, John Percudani, Managing Director of Realmark, will outline his insights on what’s likely to happen to the Perth and Western Australian property markets over the next three years. Are we in for another boom?

Presentation (PDF 2.45MB)

Finding a suitable site

Peter Kasten, Real Estate Salesperson with Realmark, is well qualified to outline how to work with an agent to find a suitable site, determine how much you should pay and where to look. It’s all about the end value of what’s proposed to be built.

Presentation (PDF 1,014KB)

Town planning & Project Management

Gavin Hassett is a Town Planner and a Development Manager with Whelans. Gavin will discuss why it is important to evaluate the site before purchasing, the high level process of subdividing and how to obtain development approval. Project management – what it is, what does it cost and why it should be considered will also be discussed. 

Presentation (PDF 530KB)

Financing the Development

Simon Randall is a Finance Broker with RFS Finance and will address the following questions. What is the difference between development and building finance? What can be funded through development finance and what can’t? What equity do you need?
Presentation (PDF 226KB)

Legal and Accounting Issues

Even before you’ve found the ideal development site it is important to think about legal and accounting issues. Issues such as what legal structure will the property be bought under, asset protection, whether the intent is to develop and sell or to develop and hold, and inheritance and gifting considerations. Lilian Fisher, a Partner with Chan & Naylor Accountants, will address these issues.

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