Taking Control Of Your Super

Papers presented at the  19 November  2011 TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR SUPER one-day seminar held at Brisbane are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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Avoiding the Pitfalls – John Siemon (Smart Choice)

What is involved in running an SMSF? This session is a guide if you are thinking about taking the “Do it Yourself” step and a reality check for all those existing SMSF trustees who might need a reminder of their obligations. Come away with some practical tips so that you understand your obligation as trustee of a SMSF in relation to investment strategies, sole purpose test, separation of assets, in house asset rules and more. Avoid breaching the SIS Act, so your SMSF remains a complying superannuation fund.


Keeping Good Records – John Drakakis (Snelleman Tom)

John will outline the important issues to consider; what exactly is involved in managing a SMSF, the process, the key administrative obligations and the trustee’s obligations. John will also cover the legislative requirements of what to keep and for how long, purchasing assets in the fund’s name, book-keeping requirements, auditors and audit requirements, annual returns, the member/trustee dichotomy, compliance issues and updating your trust deed.


Getting the Best Out of Your SMSF – Warrick Hanley (SMSF  Education)

You can create wealth for your dependents using a self managed superannuation fund. This is not a simple exercise and many factors need to be considered including an enduring superannuation fund, the pros and cons of insurance and the use of reserves. Warrick will outline why you should have them and traps to be wary of when using reserves with emphasis on the superannuation lump sum death benefit reserve.


Borrowing inside an SMSF – David Busoli (Cavendish)

When it comes to borrowing inside an SMSF, what are the common issues faced by trustees and more importantly what are the solutions for effective and compliant borrowing in an SMSF.  David will cover how to structure borrowing arrangements, what limited recourse means, related party loans and instalment warrants. 


Strategies for Steady Income – Andrew Dalziel (Wilson HTM)

Closer to retirement and even in the transition to retirement phase, steady income can be an important part of an investor’s SMSF strategy. Andrew will explain how long term Australian equity outperformance and income can be achieved by investing within an actively managed fund.  The presentation will also outline the importance of asset allocation, with a focus on a portfolio of large cap stocks for stability and income, and small cap stocks to ensure capital growth


Maximising Your Super – Andrew Bloore, Super IQ

Getting ready to start thinking about a transition to retirement strategy?  Andrew will outline early estate planning issues in general and how to maximise your super using transition to retirement strategies. What is the most effective way to move wealth accumulated outside super into your SMSF? What does salary sacrifice mean for you? This and a range of issues will be discussed.