Think Global: How to invest overseas

Papers presented at the  4 July 2014 'Think Global: How to invest overseas', one-day seminar held at Sydney, are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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Why consider global investments?

            Kathryn Young (Morningstar)

Why should an investor consider international exposure?  In this session, you will learn about the benefits of overseas investments, including diversification, broader opportunities and exposure to developed and emerging economies. You learn of various risks, including exchange rates and sovereign risk, and where to access relevant information. How would overseas investments fare with changes in the Australian dollar?  What other factors should an investor consider?




How to invest from Australia 

            Richard Cowan (AIA Member)

How do I invest? Is it difficult? What do I have to do?  In this presentation, AIA NSW committee member Richard Cowan will present a summary of international investment alternatives, including managed funds, listed investment companies, exchange-traded funds and brokers, including international and sector coverage. Richard will demonstrate the wealth of information available to AIA members in the AIA Best Managed Funds Investments Report, with performance benchmarks.


ETFs list

Managed Funds list

International ETFs

            Tim Bradbury (ETF Consulting)

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer an easy low-cost, ASX-listed alternative to direct investment or managed funds. The local ETF market is expanding rapidly, and Australians now have access to dozens of ETFs giving international exposure to countries, regions and sectors. Some are hedged for currency and some unhedged. Tim Bradbury will describe various types of ETFs, how they work and who provides them. What are the fees, expenses and tax treatment?  What are the tips or traps for those new to ETFs?


Where to Invest: Countries, Regfions and Sectors

            Nick Griffin (K2 Asset Management)

Global markets are immense compared to Australia.  In this presentation, Nick Griffin will describe the broad range of opportunities – countries, regions, sectors - available to an investor.  Learn how global trends affect investment opportunities in both developed and emerging markets.


Managed Funds and Listed Investment Companies

            Frank Casarotti (Magellan Asset Management)

Why trust your funds to a professional fund manager?  Investing overseas requires a deep knowledge and understanding of global economics, trends and risk management. This presentation will offer insights into some global investment themes and businesses that Magellan believe will deliver reliable long term, risk-adjusted returns.  Frank Casarotti will describe the differences between international Managed Funds and LICs. You will learn how to access these opportunities and understand the differences between Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and more traditional managed funds.


Direct Investment in Overseas Shares

            Matthew Jones (Capital 19)

How can an Australian private investor trade directly in the shares of the world’s major global brands such as Apple, Amazon, Boeing, Chanel, Google, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Toyota and Yum! Brands?  It is not as hard as you may think. While many Australian full-service and online stockbrokers offer international trading, commissions can be much higher than for domestic stocks.  In this presentation, Joel Palmer will describe the operation of global trading platforms and how trading international shares is different to Australian stocks.  He will discuss the ease of transaction, the expenses and tax implications.