What Do We Do Now?

Papers presented at the  8 March 2013 'What do we do now? "Investing Successfully in 2013" - one-day seminar held at Sydney, are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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Economically - Where are we now and where are we going?
Paul Bloxham (Chief Economist, HSBC)
Paul will discuss the current world economic status.  What is happening in Europe, China and the USA, and how will it affect us in 2013. 

Where are we in the current economic cycle from an economist’s perspective?

How healthy is the Australian economy and what are the local factors that will affect us?  What do we look out for and what effect might the 2013 Federal election have?

What does all of this mean for investors?


Research paper

Technically - Where are we now and where are we going?
Aaron Lynch (Options Xpress)
Technical patterns and cycles.  Where are we in the current cycle from a technical perspective?  Where/what are the critical levels?  Are there any patterns to recognise?

What would Gann say?  

What would Elliott say? 

What are the signs to look out for?


Equities - Are there potential growth stocks for 2013?
Simon Kent-Jones (Ord Minnett)
Where are growth stocks likely to be found?  Which sectors are likely to grow and which are in decline? Is it over for the miners for this cycle?

Will the banks experience headwinds?  Which stocks may have some growth in a volatile or falling market?   How to find and select potential stocks.   What are the risks?


Equities - Are there potential dividend stocks for 2013?
John Abernethy (Clime Asset Management)

Which sectors are likely to be good for dividends.  The role of equities in an income portfolio. Which stocks to consider for dividends?

Which types of stocks may be able to sustain their dividends, and which may not?  Which are best long-term?  What are the yields and what are the risks?  How important is a stable share price?


Cash and Hybrids, Where are the best returns for 2013?
John Abernethy (Clime Asset Management)

What is a hybrid?  What are the differences between various hybrids, and what are the risks?

Which types of hybrids are best for income?

Other listed investments, eg. property trusts and LIC’s.  Designing an optimum yield portfolio.


Fixed Interest, Bonds
Elizabeth Moran (FIIG)
Is there a case for bonds in these times? 

Elizabeth will describe the wide array of income investments available to investors, including fixed interest bonds, inflation-linked bonds and annuity bonds.

What returns are available and what is the risk?  What is the liquidity?  What affects bond prices?  How do we track our investment?

Retail v’s wholesale investors.  How to invest.  When do we need to sell out of bonds?