What is in Store for the Year Ahead?

Papers presented at the 15 May WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THE YEAR AHEAD AND HOW YOU SHOULD INVEST one-day seminar held at Brisbane are available as indicated by the links in the program below.

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The Researcher

Anthony Serhan is responsible for leading the Ibbotson business and was previously Head of Adviser and Research with Ibbotson’s parent Morningstar. He has over 20 years’ financial services experience in both institutional and retail capacities, gaining a strong understanding of investment markets and products. He was previously an Associate Director of ASSIRT, and before that, headed the Investment Consulting practice at AMP Consulting. 

Presentation (PDF 1.07MB)

The Broker

Ashley Brandon is the Branch Manager of the Brisbane Patersons Securities Ltd office. Ashley has been a broker since October 1995 commencing his career with Pembroke Josephson Wright. He has also had experience on the trading floor. Ashley’s particular interest is in the resources sector both in the exploration side and the mid cap mining space.

Presentation (PDF 633KB)

The Active Fund Manager

Steven Taylor is the State Manager for Challenger Funds Management in Queensland. Steven has been involved in funds management for 13 years. In this time he has developed an extensive knowledge in the areas of economics, finance and superannuation.

Paper not available

The Index Fund Manager

Martin Carr is head of Investor Relations and joined Vanguard in September 2002. Martin has over 15 years experience in the financial industry including roles in insurance, banking, superannuation and funds management.

Presentation (PDF 959KB)

The Educator

Colin Nicholson is a private investor, author and teacher and was rated the best speaker at the 2009 AIA conference. He warned in 2007 that the bull market was on borrowed time and suggested how private investors should protect their capital. Most importantly, he has been able to beat the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index since 2000. Colin will discuss appropriate strategies which both active and passive private investors should consider for 2010.

Presentation (PDF 405KB)

The Private Investor

Robert Vagg is a member of the AIA and contributes regularly to both the Association’s Investors Voice newsletter and the Equities Bulletins, on historical trends in the Australian stock market. He has combined a career in scientific research with training in applied finance to now function as an independent securities analyst, applying familiar scientific methods to quantitative research on financial markets.

Presentation (PDF 639KB)
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