Useful Websites & Newsletters

The following table is a listing of websites suitable as sources of news, information, articles. research and management tools.  The sources in this listing are free to access but are probably financed by advertising.  Many of these sites require you to register to get a login ID and password.  The value of these sources depends on what you personally seek as information.  If you do your own searching within any site you will usually find multiple pages and diverse information and tools on the site.  None are known to spam you.  Most have been found to be reputable.  It is not uncommon for free materials and tools to be lures so the site operators can promote their paid services to you.  It's up to you how you value the free services v the promotional materials.

Don't forget company websites. These have good detail about individual companies but are often good for product and industry information as well.  Can compare products and markets in your decision-making about a particular company.  They all want to tell you they are the best in their field.. Also, some Managed Funds and LIC's provide market reports and investment reports and tips and recommendations.   Industry magazines can also provide useful information.about  industry activities and technologies.

A very important source is the company announcements to the stock exchange.  They report changes in Directors and Major shareholder holdings, events that may or may not influence market movements positively or negatively, responses to rumours or unexpected market movements, asset sales and purchases, fund-raisings by loans and share allocations and other events in their corporate life.  These announcements are accessible from company websites, ASX website, some broker sites and some media sites.  Most are reported because of ASX requirements for transparency in management.

Don't forget service provider websites, brokers etc.  There is often good info in their promo sections.  Often this info is transferrable. e.g. Fx brokers often provide education that is useful to share traders and investors as well as FX traders..

Check your information websites for R.S.S broadcasts, podcasts, twitter and facebook links.  These can be useful for keeping you up to date on info or overloading you with info.

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