Analyst, Newsletters and Software


Apart from the analysts engaged by Broking Houses, there are many analysts engaged by Fund Managers and Boutique Analysts.  These analysts usually provide their data and recommendations to premium subscribers to their newsletter or occasionally their website only.  Some provide some free access to limited areas of their website where some useful data may be found.  The free areas are often useful for ideas which you then need to research for yourself.

Morningstar and Huntleys Newsletter - Free articles and lite research, plus premium services for subscribers
Switzer - Free articles.  Daily newsletter for subscribers
Cuffelinks - Free Investments Newsletter
Hubb Investor - Free lite software.  Premium subscription software
Incredible Charts - Charting software
Insight Trader - Charting software subscription service
Intelligent Investor - Provides ASX stock recommendations, boutique managed funds and a superannuation advisory service.
FIIG Securities:  Agent for bonds and fixed interest.  The website has research, information and educational material regarding fixed interest investing including downloadable booklets.  Data and free newsletter "The Wire".
Fat Prophets - Subscription newsletter with research and recommendations
Colin Nicholson Website - Free newsletter, subscription website material, education, fundamental and technical analysis
Marcus Padley - Subscription newsletter, news headlines, daily data, data summaries.
The Daily Reckoning - Free newsletter, commentary, premium material for subscribers
The Motley Fool:  Free and Subscription newsletters.  Informative and educational.  Subscription includes stock selections.
Wilson Asset Management - Weekly market commentary and NTA reports
Unconventional Wisdom - Wealth and superannuation issues
Independent Investment Research - Limited range of free research 
Roger Montgomery Blog site:  Roger is well known for his “Valuable” approach to stock selection.  Blog articles are Educational and informative with recommendations.  Skaffold software.  Intrinsic valuations
Proactive Investors - News and research, particularly smallcap.
Sharesight - Software for tracking share performance and tax calculations