Superannuation, Government, Regulators

The websites below provide information, guidelines and educational material about legislation and policies that apply to various forms of investing including superannuation.  Free Periodical Newsletters may be included.

CAUTION:  These sites mostly deal with legislation and official interpretations of the legislation.  You may choose to interpret this material for yourself but you should never rely on interpretations by persons who are not qualified or licenced to operate in the area of your interest. 


The Australian Tax Office - Educational material and Guides regarding Taxation and SMSF legislation.  Most material is presented in simple language so that most people can easily understand.    Is not always a substitute for good legal advice and representation.  ATO is the regulator for tax issues and for SMSFs.
The Australian Tax Office - Guide to Self-Managed Superannuation. Excellent guides for Trustees of Self Managed Super Funds and those planning to commence a SMSF.
Centrelink:  Provides Age Pensions for retirees who meet their asset and income criteria.  Many self-funded retirees can meet these criteria to gain increased retirement benefits.  Many guides and tools available to assist retirees to understand their possible entitlements. 
MoneySmart:   This is the information website for ASIC.  Contains a diverse range of Guides and notices regarding Superannuation, retirement, investing and money management.  Includes info on scams and missing money.  Also, tools for planning retirement.
Reserve Bank of Australia - Economic data.
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Official Government statistics

Superannuation Newsletters

SMSF Review.   A monthly newsletter about superannuation matters.  Particularly useful for Trustees for administration information, ATO accents and legislation changes.
SMSF Education - Free newsletter and educational material
Switzer Super Report - Newsletter about superannuation
Super Guide - Free newsletter about superannuation
Unconventional Wisdom: Periodic newsletter with articles on investing and investing environment and superannuation matters from Donnelly Wealth Management
A.S.I.C.:  Covers regulation of Financial Services and Financial Markets.  
Australian Leaders Fund.  A Listed Investment Company.  Issues a monthly newsletter showing NTA. plus a monthly financial markets update.
Australia Foundation Investment.  A Listed Investment Company.  Issues a monthly newsletter showing NTA. plus a monthly financial markets update.
Building Wealth Through Shares:  Colin Nicholson’s monthly free newsletter re investing.  A lot of free educational material on website with additional Premium educational and investing information in subscription only portion of website.  Colin is an educator and private investor interested in educating investors in Fundamental Research and Technical Analysis, investing techniques and strategies.
WAM  Wilson Asset management Capital, A Listed Investment Company.  Issues a monthly newsletter showing NTA for individual funds in the group plus a monthly financial markets update and now a weekly market report and investment strategy report of the fund's activities.  Check Company announcements to ASX for additional information about the funds, their investments and their review of past month and preview of next month
Incredible Charts:     Free charting tool for Technical Analysis.  Quite comprehensive and includes a Screening tool for stock selection for companies meeting nominated criteria.  Download and install software on your computer and access data online.  Additional tools and current data available for a premium subscription.
Colin Twiggs Newsletters:  Colin produces a number of periodic newsletters. Being news and educational material focussed on Technical Analysis.