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    We are investors helping investors.
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    Investors helping investors
    Our mission is to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their investments through providing education, information and building skills.
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    Every Tuesday at 3pm.

Australia’s leading non-profit organisation providing assistance to its members to make improved investment decisions.

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Who we are

Australia’s leading non-profit organisation providing assistance to its members to make improved investment decisions.

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Why we are here

Regardless of where, why and through which structure you invest, the AIA can help you develop the skills to take ownership of your financial future.

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How we can help

Our courses, discussion groups, national investors conferences, investment presentations, Investors Voice newsletter, AIA Investor Updates, and website provide the opportunity for members to connect and learn both from experts and each other’s experience.

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Pave your way to financial freedom.

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Papers, Presentations, Videos, Webinars, special reports and AIA exclusive publications.

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A wide range of events for members, including Discussion Groups, Information Meetings, Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, the Annual Investment Summit, and the Annual Conference. 

Our Coming Events

These are some featured events to be held in the near future

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When it comes to investing in early-stage ventures what are the options available and the pros and cons of each? How can you even access these investment opportunities and what does the outlook for 2021 look like for these companies? Stephen will discuss all this and more! Join us! 

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Candice Bourke, Senior Investment Adviser at Shaw and Partners reflects back on the year that was 2020 and what is the outlook for 2021!

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Due to the recent events surrounding the current status of COVID -19, and the need to cancel all of our face-to-face events, the Association is presenting a series of weekly webinars to inform our members concerning current market action.   We see this as an effective method of supporting our members in this difficult time.
These webinars will feature various speakers who will each be notable experts in their various fields, and who will offer their opinions about how to handle the present situation.

From one of our members

"If you want empathy, if you want to make friends with an investment interest, then the AIA is as good a start as you will find. You'll find them only too willing to help you, protect you and guide you. No $1,000 seminars on "You too can be a forex trader". Just $115 a year for access to some of the best education in the industry. From people like you. Start there."

Marcus Padley