About AIA

The Australian Investors Association's investment courses, discussion groups, national investors conferences, investment presentations, Investors Voice newsletter, AIA Investor Updates, and website provide the opportunity for members to connect and learn both from experts and each other’s experience.

Regardless of where, why and through which structure you invest, the AIA can help you develop the skills to take ownership of your financial future.

The AIA was formed in 1991 by a small group of investors who recognised there was a need for an organisation which could represent the interests of private investors across the broad spectrum of investment products available in the retail market. The Founding President was the late Austin Donnelly, author of many books on investing.

The AIA is a trusted gateway to investing and the investment industry

We are utterly committed to helping our diverse range of members in many ways. Our members vary from beginners to highly sophisticated investors and traders in all markets. For instance, we can help you with:

  • meeting other investors
  • understanding your share investing and risk management process
  • keeping abreast of local and global news and developments which can impact your investing activities
  • establishing and managing a SMSF
  • investing in managed funds or other instruments, such as ETFs
  • building portfolios and strategies across asset classes, including fixed interest and property
  • making you aware of what you don't know

First Steps

Our website is quite comprehensive, So if you are a visitor or new member, may we suggest you take the following first steps to become familiar with us:

  1. Visit our Events page to see the activities available in your local area.
  2. Take a free visit to our education section
  3. Contact a coordinator in your area.
  4. Have a look at information about joining the AIA.
  5. Call 1300 555 061 or contact us for more information.