Other Investments

There are so many forms of investments that there is sure to be one that will suit every investor.

Having an understanding of what is available to use in your investment strategy will help you make informed investment choices.

This section covers a range of other investments. To make it easier for you find your way around we have divided them into three broad categories.

If you want to learn more there are useful links to other resources in each section.

 Managed investments

Managed investments are familiar to most people through their exposure to managed funds.  However, there are a number of other alternatives that you could consider.  Explore our managed investments pages including:

 Physical assets

Often the thought of owning a physical asset as an investment is quite attractive to investors. But how do you start and where? Explore our physical assets pages including:


Alternative investments are just that – not mainstream, but none the less, they could be right for a specific investor for a specific purpose. Explore our alternative investment topics including: