Finding income in a zero interest rate environment


Deposit rates are at all time lows and the share market looks optimistic given the expected deep and prolonged recession. Join this webinar for a quick recap of Bond Basics and explore the ways you can invest in the Bond Market. From ‘safe haven’ government bonds to high yield emerging market debt, you’ll be surprised what is available.

Guest Presenters

  • Elizabeth Moran

    Editorial Director - Fixed Income News Australia
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    Elizabeth has worked in financial markets for more than 25 years holding diverse positions in banking and finance including: education, communication, media, credit research, credit ratings and retail and commercial lending. Currently she is Editorial Director at Fixed Income News Australia, a site that covers news, education and insights as well as ETF and Managed Fund Finders - listing approximately 150 fixed income funds. For the last seven years she has had a regular column in The Australian and late last year, recommenced writing for Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report as Income Strategist.

    Elizabeth was a member of the AIA board from December 2016 to February 2018 and re-joined in July 2020.

    Past experience includes: Director of Education and Research at FIIG Securities, writing press releases for Bloomberg on behalf of quantitative credit rating agency, Rapid Ratings, a stint in London as a credit rating analyst for NatWest Markets and as an analyst for CBA in Melbourne.