The Future is Now


What is working in the share market, and why? More importantly: what is not working, and why?

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains how and why context and dynamics have changed for financial markets. For investors, it's time to stop holding on to the past, and adapt in order to thrive and survive.This presentation will enlighten and shock, unveil and discover, hurt and please, but above all it will bust many myths that keep investors on the road to perennial disappointment. Are you ready for some cold, hard truths?  Well-researched and thoroughly documented, as always.

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Guest Presenters

  • Rudi Filapek-Vandyck,

    Editor, FNArena

    Rudi founded FNArena in June 2002, having successfully built up an online financial news service in the Netherlands. His active career extends beyond three decades, including as publisher of printed magazines and investigative reporter.

    Rudi is a popular market analyst whose straight-shooting, common sense analysis and outside-the-box thinking has gathered a loyal following throughout Australia. He’s a regular commentator on Sky News Business and a consultant to boutique investment firms. Rudi regularly travels around the country to share his insights and analysis live on stage with investors.