The threat and opportunity in the rise of cybercrime

3:00 pm

Globally, technology is changing the way we live our lives and leaving us more connected than ever. Whilst this leads to numerous benefits both in the way with interact with each other and the way we do business, it also leaves us vulnerable to nefarious agents looking to steal our personal information, data, and potentially our hard-earned dollars. With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent not only in our day to day lives but at a corporate and government level, future leaders will need to think carefully about how to protect our online presence. In this webinar, we will discuss leading cybersecurity companies and the big role they play not just in protecting us today, but into the future, as we become more reliant on technology to do everyday activities.

Learn about the damage cyber-attacks are doing to all layers of the community, the fightback from cybersecurity businesses and the front line of technology and the ways in which to invest in this growing technology thematic.

Guest Presenters

  • Blair Modica

    Director – Adviser Services BetaShares
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    Blair Modica, Director – Adviser Services BetaShares

    • Supporting the distribution of BetaShares funds to advisers across the Victoria & Tasmanian regions.
    • Prior to his role at BetaShares, Blair previously worked at Macquarie Bank in Distribution and Key Account roles within the Specialised Investments team. He has also held roles within NAB Wholesale Banking.
    • Blair holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics & History) and a Master of Management (Finance) from Melbourne University.