Understanding Crypto Assets & the outlook for 2021


After an incredible increase in the price of crypto assets throughout the second half of 2020, do markets look set to continue higher throughout 2021? 

If you're interested in taking the first steps in understanding the significance and potential of this asset class, then join us!  Tim Johnston will be breaking down the basics of this new asset class and bringing investors up to speed on how this asset class is positioned going into 2021. 

Guest Presenters

  • Tim Johnston

    Managing Director of Apollo Capital,
    Tim Johnston

    Tim Johnston, Managing Director of Apollo Capital, combines experience from both traditional financial services and technology investing. On the finance side, Tim previously worked at DMP Asset Management, a boutique Australian Equities Fund Manager, and was part of the investment team that managed a $33 billion super fund. On the technology side, Tim has worked as a venture capital Associate at Dominet Venture Partners and has been active in crypto markets for over 4 years. Tim is a CFA charterholder.