Understanding Primary Trends


There are primary trends, intermediate trends, linear trends, exponential trends, rising trends and falling trends. This talk is about understanding the significance of all these different trends and why primary trends are the most important.
Alan Hull will show you how to identify both primary and intermediate price trends and how to use technical analysis to optimize your market entry. Alan will also demonstrate the dangers of exponential trends and why longer term investors should avoid them.

Guest Presenters

  • Alan Hull

    Stockmarket expert, presenter + best selling author
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    Alan is one of Australia's leading Stockmarket experts

    He is an internationally published author, presenter and creator of the Hull Moving Average which is available in nearly every charting program throughout the world.

    Alan is highly respected within the Australian investment industry, writing articles and presenting for the ASX, the Australian Technical Analysts Association, the Australian Shareholders Association and the Australian Investors Association.

    Alan is also a best selling author of Invest My Way, Active Investing, Trade My Way, Charting in a Nutshell, Active Retirement and Blue Chip Investing.

    Apart from writing his own best-selling books, he has also contributed to other publications like Martin Roth’s best selling Top Stocks series; Daryl Guppy’s international book, Better Stock Trading; Jim Berg’s series, Stocks to Buy and When; and The Wiley Trading Guide.