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Aged Care does not have to mean residential care. You might prefer to continue to live at home, as independently as possible, surrounded by friends and family. 
Richard will shared some tips and strategies for achieving good investment returns, dealing with market volatility and staying sane as a self-directed investor.
Richard will shared some tips and strategies for achieving good investment returns, dealing with market volatility and staying sane as a self-directed investor.
John Forwood, Lowell’s Chief Investment Officer, will discuss what is driving the strong sector performance, and where to from.
2020 has quickly become one of the most turbulent years in history.
The novel coronavirus is a health emergency that has delivered the biggest economic blow in recent memory, yet stock markets are approaching their pre-covid-19 highs.
Global stimulus packages such as the European Green Deal will have a significant impact on sustainable technology and environmental equities in a post COVID world. Join Nanuk’s Dan Powell, to discuss the reasons why sustainable technologies are likely to take a step forward through the current crisis.
Dr Peter Garner discusses the long term performance of ASX dividends compared to cash and other ‘safe’ assets, where to from here for dividends (the impacts of COVID-19 and good, the bad and ugly for ASX dividends in 2020) including stock specific examples, avoiding dividend traps and franking credits and...
Angie’s presentation will cover the tips, tricks and habits of being a successful investor. As share investors, we’re constantly on alert for the next ten-bagger. This approach to investing requires a structured and disciplined technique.
Many of us (hopefully) know what happens to our super when we die. But what if you haven’t died, but have lost your capacity to make decisions.
The price of gold has rallied strongly in 2020, continuing a strong run of gains that dates back to Q4 2018. This webinar will look at the benefits of investing in gold as part of a diversified portfolio.
What does the consumption story look like in Asia post-Covid 19? Can it continue to grow and will it be driven by different factors? The opening up of the capital markets in China - what does it mean for foreign investors? Sustainable investing in Asia/China - are we seeing meaningful...
Actively managed ETFs are a highly flexible tool to complement existing approaches to client portfolio construction.
How A-REITs (Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts) have performed over the past few months, who have been the winners and losers, and what is the outlook for the sector. View Presentation Slides
Vanguard, as one of the largest Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) providers globally will outline the current trends in the ETF market, covering the differences between what is happening in Australia compared to the US and Asian ETF markets.
FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains how and why context and dynamics have changed for financial markets. For investors, it's time to stop holding on to the past, and adapt in order to thrive and survive. This presentation will bust many myths that keep investors on the road to perennial disappointment. Are you ready for some cold, hard truths?
The coronavirus has triggered economic and social shocks that have profound implications for Australia’s economy. Matt Williams will share his views on what the pandemic means for the outlook for Australian economy, the ASX and stocks, namely which stocks to back and which to avoid.
Chad Padowitz discusses the current economic uncertainty covering the economic impact of the pandemic, corporate implications and medium-term investment outcomes.
What are investors like you doing? Investigate real-life investor portfolios and discover trends for the 2020’s
Charlie will discuss the current share market, his outlook for the next 12 months and what he is doing with his portfolio. Charlie Aitken, Founder + CIO, Aitken Investment Management
We all know that small and mid-caps get beaten around more during downturns. This sector is prone to issues around liquidity and pricing. But in today’s recessionary market, there are always winners and losers. This time is no different.
Have markets reached a level where good value is at hand, and is this any different from what we saw in the GFC?
How the bond market is impacted by the financial corona virus melt-down
A presentation about the effects of the corona virus on financial markets