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The AIA was founded in 1991 by a small group of investors who recognized there was a need for an organisation which could represent the interests of private investors across the broad spectrum of investment products available in the retail market. The aims of the AIA are to promote the interests of individual investors by education and by representation to the financial services industry and the regulators.

AIA members are considered more interested and better informed than other consumers of products and services. We believe that AIA members reflect general consumer attitudes of the future and therefore provide a unique opportunity for business to see into the future.  The AIA offers organisations the opportunity to reach over 2,000 of Australia's individual investors who, because of their wealth, are significant consumers of products and services.


Since 1998 the AIA has held an annual National Conference, generally on the Gold Coast, which has been very popular with members and has established a reputation as a high quality educational event. The last two conferences have attracted over 300 delegates.

We also hold an annual summit in March, usually in Sydney.

Weekly webinars and Investors Voice Magazine

Sponsors will be given the opportunity to connect with our members through our weekly webinars and our Investor’s Voice publication.

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