Partnerships - Information for External and Commercial Organisations

The purpose of this page is to provide guidance to external organisations who may be thinking of entering into a mutually satisfying relationship with the Australian Investors' Association (AIA).

The AIA was founded in 1991 by a small group of investors who recognized there was a need for an organisation which could represent the interests of private investors across the broad spectrum of investment products available in the retail market. The aims of the AIA are to promote the interests of individual investors by education and by representation to the financial services industry and the regulators.

AIA members are considered more interested and better informed than other consumers of products and services. We believe that AIA members reflect general consumer attitudes of the future and therefore provide a unique opportunity for business to see into the future.  The AIA offers organisations the opportunity to reach over 2000 of Australia's individual investors who, because of their wealth, are significant consumers of products and services. Demographic and other information is provided here.

There are three ways in which relationships with the AIA may occur:

AIA Activity Sponsorship.

Offer benefits to members of the AIA.

Advertise in an AIA publication.

All of these must comply with the AIA's External Relations Policy which may be viewed here.  Additional information for proponents' consideration follows.


The AIA offers selected organisations the opportunity to sponsor the AIA's Annual National Investors Conference and some Seminars.  AIA conferences and seminars are unique and specifically designed for individual investors, the people who are, or could be, your customers. These events not only enable you to market to a captive and receptive audience but also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the characteristics of individual investors.

Since 1998 the AIA has held an annual National Conference, generally on the Gold Coast, which has been very popular with members and has established a reputation as a high quality educational event. The last two conferences have attracted around 250 delegates.

The benefits which the AIA may offer to a sponsor are listed on our Sponsor Benefits page.

Member benefits

Organisations wishing to enter into reciprocal (contra) arrangements are invited to refer to the AIA's Contra Arrangements Policy which may be viewed here.


The AIA will accept limited advertising in its publications.  The acceptable sizes and costs may be viewed here.

Submitting Proposals

Proposals for entering a relation with the AIA in respect of any of the above should clearly address all relevant aspects of the Association's policies as referred to herein.  Proposals should be submitted in writing to:

The AIA Secretariat,
Australian Investors' Association,
PO Box 576  CROWS NEST  NSW  1585


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Sponsor Benefits

The types of benefits which the AIA may offer to selected sponsors include the following:

Event Related Offers

Presentation opportunities at the National Investors Conference.
Presentation opportunities at one day seminars. One direct mailing opportunity to all AIA membership.
Sponsor logo printed in full colour, glossy National Investors Conference flier.
Provision of (sponsored) National Investors Conference delegate list for single use.
Provision of (sponsored) seminar delegate lists for events for single use.
Banner Display at National Investors Conference.
Exhibition Stand at National Investors Conference.
Feature on AIA website www.investors.asn.au for six months with link to your website.
Delegate satchel/handout inserts.
Contact details in Event program.
One free registration to the National Investors Conference.

Access to Delegates for duration of events

AIA members are generally wealthy, independent, intelligent consumers of investment products and services. They represent a unique opportunity for financial service industry marketers to conduct their own research, both formal and informal, during and after the events.

Conversion opportunity

It is likely that members will not be sufficiently well informed about your product/service to be a frequent or even occasional user. They have joined the AIA because they see the Association as a reliable source of independent knowledge. By supporting the AIA and thus attending its events you will gain special access to people who are open to new ideas and ready to forge new relationships.