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Building a diversified portfolio goes beyond simply buying a few stocks. Does it make sense to diversify beyond Australian companies? What other investments could be included in your portfolio? And how has your portfolio really performed? Join Annika Bradley, Morningstar, to explore all these questions and provide a few handy tips and tricks when thinking about constructing a diversified portfolio.
Investment Trends to consider in FY23 and beyond
27 Sep 2022 1:00 pm AEST

Sebastian Evans, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director, Naos
The macroeconomic environment drastically shifted in FY22, so where are we now?

We are not going back to the ‘way it was’… Certain industries are likely to see substantial benefits in this new environment whereas others will struggle to adapt.

Investing in companies behind long term tailwinds is our approach to generating returns. 

Where are we investing and why?
Eliza, the Head of Residential Research Australia at CoreLogic, will look at the nature of Australia’s housing market downturn, and which markets are most affected by the rising rate environment, as well as which markets are proving more resilient. The rental market, which continues to see robust growth, will also be explored, as well as an outlook for the Australian housing market going forward.