2018 Australian Investors Association Annual Conference

Charlie believes we have seen the low points in interest rates, inflation and volatility for most likely our lifetime. Interest rates, inflation and volatility likely will go up from here. That has ramifications for your portfolio.
In this skype interview, Marty Switzer is joined by Paul Black. Paul reveals the global investment themes he sees driving growth over the next few years, as well as WCM's unique process for picking stocks that has resulted in an impressive history of outperformance.
A question and answer session with Hamish discussing the growth theme and how investors may deal with it.
Paul presents his thoughts on how an inflection point in interest rates may impact investing, and the potential investment anomalies that may subsequently arise.
Marcus explains the difference between Smart Money and Dumb Money and how you can avoid one and adopt the practices of the other.
What can and should be done to see Australian growth pick up? What does it mean for investment opportunities?
Saul gives his insights into both the global and our domestic economies.
The returns have been high and the risks low for investors. But how long can it last? Data suggests returns will be lower over the next few years. The only question that remains is whether those lower returns will be accompanied by higher volatility.