2019 Australian Investors Association Annual Conference

Most of your investment return is driven by asset allocation decisions not investment selection. Here we revisit how much you should tinker with your allocation and what the outlook is for return and risk for investable assets. We live in interesting times when cash and bonds yield so little forcing many to embrace shares, which come with an elevated risk of correcting. What to do?
There are clear signs of a slowing in global growth. The Chinese economy has just registered its weakest growth rate in nearly three decades. In the US, Fed rate hikes and the passing of the Trump tax cuts stimulus is seeing the economy turn lower. In the Eurozone, promising signs in the economy during 2018 have faded. One key effect will be to see interest rates remain near historical lows.
Investors have had to contend with a raft of issues in recent times like the US-China trade dispute, Brexit and falling home prices. So what are the issues to watch over 2019/20? Craig will look at the local implications of changes in the global and Australian economies, especially in reference to investment markets, interest rates and currencies.
Australia's house prices are falling and housing activity is peaking. The risk of a recession is rising. With high debt, low saving and rates already low, if there is a recession it will be a doozy. Gerard focuses on assessing the likelihood of a recession and pointing to the indicators to watch that the risk of the recession is rising.
In this live Skype interview from their California headquarters, Jon will discuss this unique investment process that has resulted in an impressive long-term history of outperformance and seen funds under management grow to over $42 billion.
The consequence of living longer is later life will be a series of transitions both in how we live and who we live with. It will be a disrupting and expensive experience for many of us despite our natural urge to stay at home. Home is where the heart is but it may not be where you will be.
No single investment style is successful throughout the market cycle. If there was such a style, every investor would use it. CMC's chief market strategist Michael McCarthy focuses on the key aspects of current market conditions, and examine a number of potential investor responses.
Although we talk about 'the cloud' as though it's an invisible entity, all this internet data stored in 'the cloud', whether it's websites, photos, emails or your next Netflix binge series, isn't stored in the imaginary world of cyberspace. It's stored in a very real, very tangible, bricks and mortar data centre. One that requires a significant slice of real estate to exist.
Cycles, allocation and stock selection in a volatile market With volatility increasing and the economic cycle getting long in the tooth, what should investors be considering when it comes to asset allocation and stock selection? Julia Lee will run through strategies to beat the market and protect capital. She'll run through where we are in the cycle and what strategies are poised to outperform.
Montgomery's Ultimate Guide to the Best Investment Strategy: Roger Montgomery is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Roger will apply his unique insights to a list of economic and market conditions and indicators, stocks and dangers to help you navigate the remainder of 2019 and 2020.
Some fund managers run billions, are under no pressure to perform and sleep soundly at night. Others run millions, live and die by their performance and wake up every morning driven to succeed. In this talk, Marcus, one of the fund managers that runs millions, entertains once again as he reports on a year in funds management distilling his errors and successes into ten lessons for you the do-it-yourself investor.