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Lauren Ryan from Thinktank discusses how the new COVID-19 environment will impact the commercial and residential property markets in Australia in the short and long term
2020 has quickly become one of the most turbulent years in history. Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investment Management will share insights into his current thinking on the true extent of the economic impact
Vihari Ross, Head of Research at Magellan looks at how COVID-19 has impacted different economies and markets around the world and what this means for investors both in the short term and into the future.
Jonathan Kriska from Charter Hall discusses A-REIT (Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts) performance, the winners and losers, and the outlook for the sector. View Presentation Slides
The coronavirus has triggered economic and social shocks that have profound implications for Australia’s economy. Matt Williams from the Airlie Share Fund shares his views on what the pandemic means for the outlook for Australian economy, the ASX and stocks, namely which stocks to back and which to avoid.
We all know that small and mid-caps get beaten around more during downturns. This sector is prone to issues around liquidity and pricing. But in today’s recessionary market, there are always winners and losers. This time is no different. Shawn Burns from Switzer and Contango - Summit Webinar 5
Julia Lee from Burman Invest asks, Are equities a buy and if so, which shares look attractive? - Summit Webinar 3
Angus Coote from Jamieson Coote explains How the bond market is impacted by the financial coronavirus melt-down - Summit Webinar 2
A presentation about the effects of the coronavirus on financial markets by economist, Warren Hogan - Summit Webinar 1