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Danielle Ecuyer will discuss the major topics and themes from her second book Shareplicity 2 A guide to investing in US stock markets.

Currently, investors are looking for income opportunities in a low interest rate environment. David will provide a recap on the current economic environment and then dive into where to look for Income at a time like this and how this can be applied in portfolios.
Anthony Doyle, Cross-Asset Investment Specialist at Fidelity will talk about the compelling reasons to invest in emerging markets, stocks that make up the portfolio of the Fund, and its performance.
Sarah King from Stockspot talks about passive vs active investing
Actively managed ETFs are a highly flexible tool to complement existing approaches to client portfolio construction.
Beatrice Yeo and Minh Tieu from Vanguard, outline the current trends in the ETF market, covering the differences between what is happening in Australia compared to the US and Asian ETF markets. The session will also cover how investors are using active and/or diversified ETF’s in their portfolios.