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October 2021

Technology has been the standout sector in recent times, with innovation, exploration and competition changing the way that we live. It is a sector traditionally underrepresented in Australian portfolios and on the ASX, however, this is changing. 

November 2021

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This session will give investors an insight into the development and rise of the non-bank sector, why industry partners choose to work with non-banks and the value the sector offers investors.

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Investors can no longer rely on cash to provide any sort of real income.  Much of that lazy cash has found its way in to the equity market, or maybe the property market?

Past Webinars

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Charlie Aitkin, Founder and CIO of Aitkin Investment Management discusses why keeping it simple may just be the best strategy for the current times. In a low rate world, the risks that are taken in chasing yield in funds are often hidden from investors. 

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Anthony Doyle, Cross- Asset Investment Analyst from Fidelity International discusses megatrends like population growth and an ageing demographic, current EM landscape, including China regulatory environment and how this is affecting stock selection within the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund. 


Mark Sherwood, Director, Capital Markets at iPartners discusses the role of alternatives in your portfolio.