Upcoming Webinars

October 2022

Your home or office

This presentation will cover off on the state of Australia’s housing market, as well as an overview of the capital city and regional sub markets of Australia.

November 2022

Your home or office

Annika Bradley, Director of Manager Research Ratings, Morningstar
In this presentation, Annika will discuss how building a diversified portfolio goes beyond simply buying a few stocks and does it make sense to diversify beyond Australian companies? What other investments could be included in your portfolio? And how has your portfolio really performed? Join Annika Bradley, Morningstar, to explore all these questions and provide a few handy tips and tricks when thinking about constructing a diversified portfolio.

December 2022

Your home or office

Allan Hull of Act Invest will talk through a full market review covering a myriad of areas such as the inflation/interest rate situation, China, Ukraine/Russia, as well as growth and income investment in the short term and long-term timeframes.

Past Webinars

Remember all AIA members have access to view all past webinars via our resources page.

Collins STreet Fund managers

Michael Goldberg and Rob Hay from Collins St Asset Management will share their insights into different perspectives on 'Value' investing and how, with the benefit of a high conviction, unconstrained mandate they have been able to research and uncover compelling ASX listed opportunities within the energy sector. 

Darryl Nagel v2

Darryl Nagel, lawyer, educator and board member of Australian Technical Analysts Association shows how simple analysis tools may improve your investment results.

jonathan pain

This compelling presentation outlines the sweeping and irreversible global changes resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s partnership with China.