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Investors can no longer rely on cash to provide any sort of real income.  Much of that lazy cash has found its way in to the equity market, or maybe the property market?  Neither of which guarantee a known, steady cashflow, or offer a set term and pre-determined yield.  Here Cameron Windows from Income Asset Management Group we provide an overview of how fixed income investments may be the missing piece in your investment puzzle, including the different type of bonds available, and how to construct an effective, diversified portfolio.

Guest Presenters

  • Cameron Window

    Executive Director, Capital Markets
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    Cameron is part of the executive leadership team at IAM Capital Markets (INY). An experienced fixed income professional, Cameron assists both private and institutional clients in creating and managing diversified bond portfolios, seeking out value and opportunity to maximise returns.

    Cameron has worked exclusively in Fixed Income markets for over a decade, and is passionate about educating investors on this defensive asset class. He holds a Double Degree in Business and Applied Science, and also a Diploma of Financial Markets.