Global Technology Stocks & Compelling Opportunities

12:00 pm AEST
1:00 pm AEST
Online, Australia

Nick Thomson, Portfolio Manager of Lakehouse Capital - Global Growth Fund will share his insights on how technology has been limitless in terms of its impact across a wide range of industries. He will also discuss why now represents a compelling opportunity to invest in some of the world's largest tech companies with high-quality, recurring revenue streams at attractive prices.

Nick also will touch on businesses that have been successful and not so successful in the tech space, and how those that have succeeded have become leaders in their respective categories. He will share Lakehouse's unique approach to identifying these businesses with superior economic models and long-term industry tailwinds, which are underlying drivers of long-term value creation and investor returns.

Guest Presenters

  • Nick Thomson Portfolio Manager of Lakehouse Capital - Global Growth Fund

    Nick Thomson v2

    Nick Thomson is the Portfolio Manager for the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund.Prior to assuming his current role, Nick spent several years leading the firm’s research efforts for our loyalty fascination and being actively involved in portfolio management discussions.

    Previously, Nick worked at Dakota Capital as an Investment Analyst focused on private and public investments. He directly worked on the raising, deployment and management of multiple investment funds and was based in both Sydney and New York. Earlier on in his career, Nick worked for Liquid Capital as an options market maker. Nick holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Honours) from the University of Sydney.