Why consider a Mortgage Trust as part of a Balance Portfolio?

Your home or office, Australia

Property-based funds provide an option for income as part of a diversified portfolio.

In this short presentation, Trilogy Funds’ Managing Director and Founder Philip Ryan discusses the current status of the Australian property market and discusses why a mortgage trust could suit your portfolio, providing income while managing risk.

Guest Presenters

  • Philip Ryan Managing Director & Clinton Arentz, Head of Lending & Property Assets of Trilogy

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    Philip Ryan

    As co-founder and Managing Director of Trilogy, Philip is responsible for leading a cohesive and high-performing team across Trilogy’s three offices, overseeing business compliance, and developing product offerings. He sits on the Board’s Audit Committee, Compliance, Property Investment, Lending and Treasury Committees. He also acts as General Counsel for Trilogy.

    Philip has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, across financial planning and funds management. He was previously a partner in a Brisbane law firm, having been a solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia for over 35 years. He is a Fellow of Finsia, with qualifications at a post graduate level in mortgage lending and financial services.

    Philip leveraged his Legal and Financial Services qualifications as a founding director in 1998 of the funds management entity which evolved into Trilogy. He is a key instigator of Trilogy’s products, including theTrilogy Monthly Income Trust, as well as the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund, the Wholesale Income Fund and various property trusts. Philip is passionate about creating financial products within the mortgageand property sectors that generate attractive income returns, as well as assisting younger generations to achieve their financial goals.

    Clinton Arentz

    Clinton has over 25 years’ experience in asset and facilities management, property development, and project delivery. He is responsible for our team of portfolio managers, overseeing the growth and management of the diverse construction loan portfolio, client and broker liaison, and new business development. Clinton also oversees the management of Trilogy Funds’ property assets, applying his experience in risk management, capital structuring, acquisitions and property syndications.